Giuseppe Conte on stage dressed like this – Libero Quotidiano

Giuseppe Conte on stage dressed like this – Libero Quotidiano
Giuseppe Conte on stage dressed like this – Libero Quotidiano
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Sneakers, tablet, headset. Him, alone on the stage of the Auditorium Conciliazione in Rome. Behind, a large screen. Giuseppe Conte imitates Steve Jobs: as soon as the M5S leader appeared yesterday afternoon at the presentation event of the grillino electoral program, the mind went to the founder of Apple and to his famous communication strategy.

In the new baptism for the party – after four and a half years of government, an internal crisis that culminated with the split of Luigi Di Maio, and the fall of the government Draghi Conte returns to the old, at the dawn of the M5s and underlines the differences between the Movement and the others: «The other parties, from Meloni to Salvini, are divided over everything. The only thing on which they march together is the war on the poor: they who earn 500 euros a day take it out on those who take five hundred euros in aid from the state a month ”. Hence the sword defense of citizenship income.

There was not even a trip to Prime Minister Draghi. “Next week – announces Conte – the government in general silence will bring decrees to the Commission for 10 billion more military investments. They will find the M5s blocking this path”. The response from the Democratic Party is very hard, entrusted to Enrico Borghi: “The Giuseppe Conte who is climbing the barricades today in the name of anti-militarist pacifism is the namesake of that Giuseppe Conte who, as head of the government, voted and had the institution of the Defense Investment Fund voted on, whose implementing decrees are now being enacted? “.

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