Rome, dead at 300 km / h: the mural canceled. The mayor: that boy is not a model

Rome, dead at 300 km / h: the mural canceled. The mayor: that boy is not a model
Rome, dead at 300 km / h: the mural canceled. The mayor: that boy is not a model
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Rome, 30 July 2022 – Removed the mural dedicated to Nicolas Orsus Brischettothe 22-year-old boy who died following an accident on the Grande Raccordo Anulare while running in the car with a friend to almost 300 kilometers per hour. He filming the crazy scenethe other boy was driving.

Erased mural

It was the mayor himself Roberto Gualtieri to announce it with a post on Facebook. “Removed the mural in a building of Falcone village in Ponte di Nona dedicated to the boy who died following a serious road accident while running at 300 km / h on the GRA. We understand the pain of family and friends, however we can not allow the author of a similar irresponsible behavior can become a model for other young people, nor that the walls of municipal buildings are illegally used without any authorization. This is why we have removed this mural which, unlike others in the city, does not arise from a shared project to enhance the neighborhood ”.

The appeal of the mayor Gualtieri

“As an administration we are fully committed to the road safety, compliance with the rules and speed limits, safe driving. Run at such crazy speeds, film yourself, posting videos and bragging about them on social networks are absolutely wrong behaviors and far from the values ​​to be transmitted to our young people. We are for safety and legality, always – adds Gualtieri -. Dear girls and boys, have fun but always pay attention to your safety and that of others. The life before you is much more important and beautiful than one stupid video on social media and the speed that can snatch you forever from the affection of your loved ones ”.

The insane speed and the video

The accident had occurred on June 20, Monday, at night. A friend of the 22-year-old was driving aAudi R8Brischetto resumed the mad rush with the mobile phone, the speedometer read i 293 kilometers per hour. Then the crash into the guardrail and death, instantly.


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