Deaths at work, third accident in three days: the massacre continues from Lombardy to Piedmont

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Yet another victim at work in Lombardy. Girolamo Tartaglione, 31 years old, originally from Foggia but living in Cremona, died this morning in Pontevico, in the Brescia area. It all happened too quickly at 7.30, at the beginning of the shift. The boy was in the Eural Gnutti Spa plant, a company in via Mattei in the hamlet of Chiesuola that produces semi-finished aluminum products. In an instant, a fifty quintal plate that had detached from the ceiling collapsed on him. His colleagues immediately raised the alarm, but the rescuers, the firefighters and the carabinieri could only ascertain his death.

This is the third fatal accident in three days. Omar Ait Youssef, resident in Mondovì but originally from Morocco, on Tuesday 30 August fell from eight meters high while working on the arrangement of a rockfall net in Averara, in the Bergamo area, and died yesterday at the Pope John XXIII hospital from his injuries. On Wednesday 31 August, however, the worker Abderrazzak Bouchkaraun (59 years old, Moroccan origins and living in Gavirate) died stuck in a machine in the shed of Tecnofilo Srl, a company in Malgesso that produces metal grills for household appliances.

Also counting the case of Mohamed Chahir, a 28-year-old Maghrebi resident in Orzinuovi who in the early afternoon of Thursday 18 August was overwhelmed and killed by a slab that was unhooked from an overhead crane in the Tomasoni Meccaniche company in Borgo San Giacomo, we are facing a massacre at work. The Lombard data speak for themselves: 94 deaths at work since the beginning of the year, with over 84,000 reports of accidents. Including today’s one in Filago, in the province of Bergamo, where a 34-year-old worker suffered trauma to the chest and abdomen because he was hit by a heavy vehicle inside the Lodotruck company.

Reports of accidents at work are increasing: in seven months 441 thousand accidents and 569 deaths

August 30, 2022



An uninterrupted chain of accidents at work that affect the annual report drawn up by the Vega Engineering Occupational Safety Observatory in Mestre. Between January and July, 569 workers lost their lives, with an average of 81 deaths at work each month. The most victims are the transport and storage sector with 63: followed by the construction sector (62) and manufacturing activities (41). Leading this macabre ranking is precisely Lombardy with sixty deaths, that is, one every three and a half days. The other two regions on the podium are Emilia Romagna with 39 and Lazio with 35. Those where mortality at work is truly a unique and rare case are Basilicata and Friuli Venezia Giulia with only two deaths.

Work, in 6 months 382 thousand injuries and 463 deaths. The trade unions: “Dizzying increase, an unacceptable massacre. Now prevention and safety “



July 29, 2022

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In the first quarter of 2022, Inail instead drafted a national report for 2021. There were 1,361 reports of deaths at work, immediately showing a decrease of about 19 percent compared to 2020, where deaths were 1,684. Last year, almost 81 percent of the victims were registered in the workplace, the remainder during the commute from home to work. Another dramatic figure that the institute provides is that of accident reports: 564,089 in 2021, almost in line with 2020 where they were more than 572,000.
*** The map of fatal accidents in Italy in 2021

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