Serie B – Gemini Mestre good test in Padua with Petrarca

Serie B – Gemini Mestre good test in Padua with Petrarca
Serie B – Gemini Mestre good test in Padua with Petrarca
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Gemini overtakes Petrarca Padova in the last friendly before an official match – next Saturday at 20.30 arrives at PalaVega Monfalcone for the first round of the Super Cup, whoever wins continues their journey in the competition – and overtakes the team of former coach Fabio Volpato at the end of a pleasant race where Gemini was able to develop what they tried in this pre-season.

Mestre took the field again without the bruised Rossi – returning after mid-September – while Petrarca had to do without the unavailable Coppo and Borsetto who deprived Volpato of two important elements for Padua under the basket. “Even today I saw a proactive team that wants to play and defend as I had already seen in the test against Cremona last Saturday – explains coach Cesare Ciocca – in this respect I am very satisfied because the group shows the desire to sacrifice itself and make itself available. . Having to choose the aspect where we need to grow the most certainly concerns the fundamental of the passages, when we were put under pressure we wasted a few too many possessions and on this we need to work. However, it is normal because we have chosen to build a team made up of several young people with a lot of room for improvement but on which we have to work hard in the gym ”.

Having to say where the team is as a percentage?
“I do not feel I can give a precise quota, I am encouraged by the fact that in the first 40 minutes of a friendly match the match would have ended with only 53 points scored by Padova against our 63, a sign that there is a desire to defend and to work group, on the other hand, however, I am also aware that we must work better to assimilate the schemes that we are slowly introducing, but overall the sensations are positive “.

At the end of the game, coach Fabio Volpato, coach of the hosts who left an excellent memory in Mestre, also spoke.
“It was a profitable friendly for both teams, we had to play without two important elements such as Coppo and Borsetto but in any case I saw a team willing to commit and to keep up with an equipped team like Mestre. “How did you see the Gemini? “Ciocca has already passed on his playing philosophy to the team, a sign that he knows how to work well and also that the group he has at his disposal has put itself into the perspective of following him, there are many valuable individuals and therefore Mestre appears to be a team that he can do well in the next championship ”.

You have decided to do 12-minute quarters. “Instead of doing the classic fifth time of friendlies, we chose to lengthen the quarters, we did it to allow everyone to spend more time on the court, an opportunity for us and for Gemini to get to know our players better and to understand better about what to work next “.


UBP PETRARCA: Bianconi 8, Maran 4, Morgillo 16, Turel 23, Basile 11, Bombardieri 2, Staula, Vinciguerra, Bolpin, Pauro. Coach: Volpato.
GEMINI MESTRE: Conti 24, Pellicano 10, Mazzucchelli 7, Di Meco 10, Sebastianelli 4, Bortolin 14, Caversazio 8. Sequani, Musco. Coach: Ciocca.
NOTES: partial 16-21, 37-47, 50-58. 12-minute quarters.

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