ITALIAN, What did I tell Zurko. On Jovic-Cabral …

ITALIAN, What did I tell Zurko. On Jovic-Cabral …
ITALIAN, What did I tell Zurko. On Jovic-Cabral …
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After the press conference with the journalists, Vincenzo Italiano he also spoke to the official media of the club, answering questions from the fans: “How much is this team mine? A lot, there was great willingness on the part of the boys and we got an extraordinary result. As never before I have a group that is looking for to follow what is done during the week. They are extraordinary guys and there is great sharing “.

So much balance in Serie A?
“Many draws, many 0-0 and many teams that seemed to be able to win easy are struggling. Proof that all the teams are well equipped and this is good for the championship which will be more exciting”.

What will it take to win tomorrow?
“Everything. Juve is a team made up of great champions, dangerous in any way and strong when defending. We need a top performance from everyone.”

Cabral-Jovic together to recover the result?
“Possible. It could have been very good in these matches but the physical aspect has been protected in these matches because they didn’t have three matches in a week. But now that they are well it can be evaluated for the future.”

“I talked to him and told him that in the transfer market there can be distractions but once it is closed it starts again and resets itself. A player who expressed himself well last season remains with us, now he must identify with what we are asking for and I hope that can repeat itself. We have one more player: we expect him at important levels. “


What is Florence expecting tomorrow? “
“The Franchi can drag you and this stadium can strike fear into the opponent. I am convinced that thanks to the one with Napoli we have given everything to the last. Tomorrow we will sum up at the end but we will give everything to give battle to our opponent”.

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The article is in Italian


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