“The tourism sector risks ending up on its knees”

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The economic situation that the companies of the tourism sector they are living, above all due to the disproportionate increase in electricity costs, now out of control and without any possibility of credible estimates both in the short and medium term, is assuming truly dramatic proportions.

“The sector take risks to end up on your knees, in Calabria as in Italy. If there are no effective and absolutely timely interventions, all businesses will be forced to close without any certainty of being able to reopen. Hundreds of thousands of jobs will be lost, because the tourism supply chain is capable of generating an induced activity that also creates economy for other sectors such as services, transport, etc. “. Demetrius Metal, president of the Tourism Section of Unindustria Calabria.

“The intervention of the Government cannot be just that of delay bill payments, as it did with mortgage moratoriums during the Covid emergency. Because doing so would only postpone it for a few months death foretold of the business world, with devastating effects “, adds the president.

“In addition to the expensive energy and gas, there are also the brakes of a bureaucracy that weighs on the whole system. Confindustria, through the interventions of the President Carlo Bonomiof the regional presidents including Aldo Ferrara for Unindustria Calabria, the territorial and category presidents have been denouncing for some time and with extreme clarity the difficulties of the business world in all sectors, underlining that if businesses stop, Italy stops. And we cannot afford this! “.

President Demetrio Metallo finally hopes “that everyone does their part, with a sense of responsibility. The policy should implement all the necessary measures in real time, in the awareness that entrepreneurs will do their part, as they always have, often in silence “.

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