ReggioTV – News – For a Permanent Theater Company in Reggio Calabria

ReggioTV – News – For a Permanent Theater Company in Reggio Calabria
ReggioTV – News – For a Permanent Theater Company in Reggio Calabria
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by Francesco Arillotta

Applause! Thunderous applause for the initiative taken by the Vice-President of the Calabrian Regional Council, as well as Regional Councilor for Culture, Prof. Giusy Princi, to bring together around a table all the expressions of the artistic and musical reality of Reggio, to promote an opera event in the city, with the execution of the opera ‘Adriana Lecouvreur’ by Francesco Cilea.
Prolonged applause, because, beyond the exceptional event that we intend to achieve, this could be the first step to give shape to a great dream: a dream born when, with the dearest Pina Lupoi, we went to piano school with the excellent teacher Bice Neglia.
Reggio Calabria is a city particularly suited to Music: it has an excellent Conservatory, a serious chair of Scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts, it has a more than established Choral Group, it can have qualified dance schools. All this artistic heritage could be transformed into a “Compagnia Stabile Città di Reggio Calabria”, to which to entrust the task of bringing the good name of our city all over the world.
And I also allow myself to softly suggest his basic repertoire: operett music and music halls, to be presented everywhere: from Vienna to New Orleans.
Of course, it will take someone who has a lot of charisma, who knows how to blend, coagulate, smooth, temper. And Giusy Princi (the Vice President, increasingly precise point of reference for Calabrian Culture, will forgive me the confidence presami) is just the right person to play this role as well.
The goal is also constituted by the possibility that would be given to dozens and dozens of our young singers, musicians, set designers, painters, dancers and dancers, to make sense of their passion, their preparation, their future.
As well as to enhance one of the most evocative sides of the character of the Reggini: the boundless, almost visceral love, and for too long trampled, for Music, the great Music.

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