Miss Toscana 2022, in Casciana Terme there is also an Apuan “derby”

Miss Toscana 2022, in Casciana Terme there is also an Apuan “derby”
Miss Toscana 2022, in Casciana Terme there is also an Apuan “derby”
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There is also a singular Apuan “derby” in the fortieth Final of Miss Tuscany 2022 scheduled for tonight in Casciana Terme (21.30, with godparents Carlo Conti and Leonardo Pieraccioni) and who will elect the regional beauty queen who will then participate in the Miss Italy Finals. Among the twenty-five competitors there were also two twenty-year-olds, a girl from Carrara, Lisa Bertonelli and one of Massa that is Serena Sestinialready elected Miss Cinema, who will play their cards for the national pass.
This is the list in alphabetical order of the group of regional finalists drawn up by the technical commission:
AGATA BODDI – 20 years old – from Rosignano Marittimo (LI).
ALESSIA GORI – 19 years old – from Pistoia.
ARIANNA POLIDORI – 21 years old – from Prato.
CASSANDRA GHIOMELLI – 21 years old – from Cerreto Guidi (FI).
CHIARA POMERANI – 18 years old – from Lamporecchio (PT).
DIANA KOBILICA – 20 years old – from Montecarlo (LU).
FEDERICA NAVARI – 24 years old – from Pietrasanta (LU).
GAIA CORBINELLI – 20 years old – from Vinci (FI).
GEMMA ARIANNA BIANCIARDI – 26 years old – from Prato.
GIULIA GIORGI – 18 years old – from Pescia (PT).
HANNAH RUTH DEVINE – 25 years old – from Pisa.
INDIA PICCINETTI – 18 years old – from Abbadia San Salvatore (SI).
JASMINE ORLANDI – 20 years old – from Florence.
JASMINE PUCCI – 22 years old – from Carmignano (PO).
LINDA DUVILLE – 24 years old – from Rosignano Solvay (LI).
LISA BERTONELLI – 20 years old – from Carrara.
LUNA GALLETTI – 22 years old – from Soiana (PI).
MARTINA COMPARINI – 26 years old – from Sesto Fiorentino (FI).
NICOLE NINCI – 21 years old – from Venturina (LI).
SERENA SESTINI – 20 years old – from Massa.
SOFIA BIANCHINI – 20 years old – from Lammari (LU).
SOFIA FAMBRINI – 19 years old – from Lucca.
TERESA SENESE – 28 years old – from Montemurlo (PO).
VALENTINA TAVANTI – 30 years old – from Arezzo.

(photo by: QN La Nazione)

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