Carpegna Prosciutto, Repesa has no doubts: “I have faith in this Vuelle: we will be a real group”

Carpegna Prosciutto, Repesa has no doubts: “I have faith in this Vuelle: we will be a real group”
Carpegna Prosciutto, Repesa has no doubts: “I have faith in this Vuelle: we will be a real group”
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PESARO Thursday of well-deserved rest at the end of the retreat for Carpegna Prosciutto, which from this afternoon returns to the gym to continue its work. The friendly against Fabriano has already shown interesting ideas despite the few days of work carried out so far.

The best

On an individual level he liked it very much Cheatham who showed everything positive was said about him, and in particular about the three-point shot, since with his feet to keep he hardly misses. Kravic who was much bigger than his direct opponent and therefore facilitated, he still proved to be a very technical player and even Visconti made his own in the minutes in which he took the field, but overall all the red and white put on the parquet as a coach Jasmin Repesand they showed something positive. Clearly, we still have to grow a lot and already the next friendly match scheduled for Sunday at 7 pm in Ravenna against Virtus Segafredo Bologna, will offer further work material to the technical staff, to see what are the things that can go well and those that need to be corrected. At the end of the scrimmage against Fabriano, the Councilor for Culture and Social and Health Policies of the Municipality of Carpegna Luca Pasquini, gave coach Jasmin Repesa a couple of books and gave all the players some brochures in which Carpegna is spoken of. Returning to basketball played, this Carpegna Prosciutto in the first outing of the season has already shown that all players can make a basket continuously, with the consequence that it will not be easy for the other teams to limit the red and white attack.

“I want a group that is always connected”

“Our goal is to build a real group, – underlines coach Jasmin Repesa – that feels good together and that is always connected, where there can be trust between the players, so that in attack we can play with an extra pass by doing maybe one less dribble. Against Fabriano, for example, our young players have shown in some cases that they have bad habits, and this does not depend on whether they are poor or not, given that maybe they do more dribbles than they would need. However, our goal is to stay united in defense while defending to death and the same thing goes for the attack, so that by running you can score baskets and this will surely bring to everyone a greater confidence in their means. I have great faith in all these guys and therefore we have to go on working hard, because everything comes from this aspect ».

The sponsor

Finally, a few days ago ButanGas renewed its partnership with Vuelle also for next season. In the wake of the great success achieved in the last two seasons, also for this year on the official social networks of the Pesaro club and on those of ButanGas, fans will be able to vote for the ButanGas MEP (Most Energetic Player). The novelty compared to previous seasons concerns the fans, given that at the end of the year, one of them will personally deliver the MEP of the year. “History, passion, energy, – said the Deputy Director of ButanGas Demetrio Moscato – these are the values ​​that we connect to Vuelle, which are the same that we implement in our activities”.


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