Meeting of the National Geographic Explorers at Oasi Dynamo – Tuscany

Meeting of the National Geographic Explorers at Oasi Dynamo – Tuscany
Meeting of the National Geographic Explorers at Oasi Dynamo – Tuscany
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(ANSA) – ROME, 02 SEPT – From 6 to 11 September, the nature reserve of Oasi Dynamo will host, for the first time in Italy, an international meeting of National Geographic Explorers.

Fourteen explorers from all over Europe and the Middle East will meet in Tuscany to train, exhibit their studies and learn new ways to increase the impact and scope of their scientific research and Earth conservation projects.

Explorers are exceptional researchers in their fields from all over the world. They receive funding and support from the National Geographic Society to enhance and protect the wonders of our world, through activities in science, exploration, education and storytelling.

The nature reserve of Oasi Dynamo will host a heterogeneous mix of photographers, ecologists, archaeologists, educators and marine scientists; who will participate in sessions of public speaking, storytelling and photography.

In the spirit that distinguishes the National Geographic Society, the Explorers will then exhibit their works to a limited audience of guests during the gala evening on 10 September.

The results of important research on flora, fauna and climate will be presented, arriving at new conclusions and solutions for the defense of the environment and therefore also of man.


In addition to the Explorers, there will be several exponents of National Geographic, including Marco Cattaneo, editor-in-chief of National Geographic Magazine Italy, as well as senior executives of the National Geographic Society HQ in Washington: Alex Moen – Chief Explorer Engagement Officer, and Crystal Brown – Chief Communications , Marketing and Brand Officer.

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During their stay, the Explorers will also participate in team building programs organized by Oasi Dynamo. Outdoor activities such as mountain biking, horseback riding, orienteering challenges and astronomical observations.

“Immersed in over a thousand hectares of unspoiled nature, the nature reserve of Oasi Dynamo will be the setting for a unique and extraordinary event.

In an era of profound confusion, but of clear awareness that man must decisively reconnect with Nature, hosting one of the most prestigious scientific and educational institutions in the world is for us a privilege and an important part of our daily work. of building a better future “says Matteo Pennacchi of Oasi Dynamo.


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