a girl was born in Catania

a girl was born in Catania
a girl was born in Catania
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The baby was born premature in the 34th week of pregnancy and weighs 1.7 kg. Her mother, 31, was born without a uterus due to a rare congenital pathology, Rokitansky’s syndrome. The donor is a 37-year-old, former mother, who died of sudden cardiac arrest and who had expressed her consent in life when renewing her identity card. The parents of little Alessandra have decided to give the baby girl the name of the woman.

The first uterus transplant carried out in Italy –

The transplant was carried out in August 2020, in full pandemic, at the Transplant Center of the University Hospital of Catania Polyclinic by a multidisciplinary team composed of professors Pierfrancesco and Massimiliano Veroux, Paolo Scollo and Giuseppe Scibilia, as part of a program experiment coordinated by the National Transplant Center (Cnt).

Subsequently, the woman was followed by Scollo’s team to the obstetrics and gynecology department of the Cannizzaro hospital, a complex clinical operating unit of the Kore University of Enna. At the Cannizzaro the patient and her husband then began the process of homologous assisted fertilization, thanks to the oocytes collected and stored, before the surgery, in the biobank for the preservation of fertility of the same hospital.

The mother sees the little girl in the picture and is moved –

The woman is still hospitalized in the intensive care unit of the hospital, so she could only see her daughter in the picture. When her husband showed her the shot of her baby, the new mother was moved by her happiness. The patient, who is still positive, is fine, medical sources say, and she could probably be transferred to another Covid ward on Saturday. She is also undergoing immunosuppressive therapy to avoid rejection of the organ received. The girl, on the other hand, is in the hospital’s Neonatology department, she is not intubated, but she breathes in an assisted manner and has no problems with blood clotting or liver. At the Covid swab, at birth, she tested negative.

The donor’s husband: “Alessandra lives again”

– “It is as if Alessandra had come back to live – said the husband of the donor woman to the father of the child -. A part of her still lives, we are happy too”. This was told by the new father, Giovanni, in contact with the family of the woman who gave the womb to his wife. “They are happy like us – adds Giovanni -, we are sharing everything”. The families met via Facebook.

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