Football: Genoa; Blessin, with Parma top club challenge – Liguria

Football: Genoa; Blessin, with Parma top club challenge – Liguria
Football: Genoa; Blessin, with Parma top club challenge – Liguria
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Coach, it will be a battle but we will always give our best. Market ok.

A Serie A-flavored challenge between Genoa and Parma tomorrow at Ferraris. In front of two candidates for promotion and Alexander Blessin has no doubts: “Nobody gives us anything, we will always have to give our best to win every match and tomorrow will be a battle between two top teams”.
Pecchia, Parma coach. he indicated Genoa as the first of the class but Blessin disagrees. “I don’t think there is a first of the class – Blessin replied – but at least 5 or 6.
Pecchia’s are nice words and I thank him but I think more than anything else he wants to take the pressure off his players.
We want the three points, we want to go to Serie A: this is clear. I don’t see a team that is stronger than all but I know we have to reach the maximum to win the games. We have a clear goal and every match must be played at a high level.
Tomorrow we will have a top team against another top team. ”For Blessin, this Genoa has by now changed its mentality and has shown it in Pisa.
“We want to create a winning mentality. Last year when I arrived we were fighting for relegation but now there is a desire to win every match, even those in training and this spirit must also be brought back to the championship because winning helps to win.”
Genoa will not be unlike the one seen with Pisa, at least in the starting eleven. “Aramu, Strootman and Puscas are in a group but it’s still too early to see them from the start.”
The coach is satisfied with the market. “Yes, really happy, even if in Greece, Turkey and Belgium the market is still open – jokes Blessin with a smile -. At the beginning there were 33 players on the field and coaching was difficult, now they are 26/27 and that’s okay, I’m happy to have this team. ” (HANDLE).


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