Fairs, in Lanciano ‘Progress’, work, social and training – Abruzzo

Fairs, in Lanciano ‘Progress’, work, social and training – Abruzzo
Fairs, in Lanciano ‘Progress’, work, social and training – Abruzzo
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In October, opportunities for young people to meet directly with companies

(ANSA) – LANCIANO, 02 SEPT – Lancianofiera, Abruzzo exhibition center, on 7 and 8 October next os “Progress, Work, social and training fair”. “It is not a commercial event, but of services – said the outgoing and pro tempore president Franco Ferrante today at a press conference – I thank the Centro per Lavoro in Lanciano which has made a fundamental contribution to the organization of this exhibition, the first in Abruzzo. I hope it will become an annual event for its concrete effectiveness, it is a fair dedicated to the world of work in all its nuances and complexities. All interested parties will have the opportunity to make direct contacts and discussions with companies, employment agencies and cooperatives social issues. Particular attention will be paid to those who live in a condition of hardship and disability “.

For the regional councilor for productive activities and economic development, Daniele D’Amario “this fair can translate into a work pact for the territory, it is really important to bring together all the subjects that operate in the public and private sectors to promote knowledge and employment , especially for young people. I believe that training is crucial, therefore having specific skills as required by businesses and industries “.

“I think that especially young people accustomed to other types of approach need a place where they can deal with the world of work – commented the mayor of Lanciano Filippo Paolini – to know how to draw up a curriculum. It is an opportunity that I hope they will not let it slip because there are concrete opportunities to find a job or decide on one’s orientation. Let’s avoid that our region is depopulated, you can work here too without having to emigrate to other places, but you have to be prepared “.

For Giuseppe Marco Litta, director of the Center-East area of ​​Bper Banca, a member of Lancianofiera, “this is an event with commendable objectives, which aims to create, through meetings, conferences, selections, opportunities for comparison for young people and less advantaged people “.




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