Health: Opi, Marche reorganization penalizes nurses – Marche

Health: Opi, Marche reorganization penalizes nurses – Marche
Health: Opi, Marche reorganization penalizes nurses – Marche
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Conti, regional policy listen to us in the interest of patients

(ANSA) – ANCONA, 02 SEPTEMBER – “We cannot accept that the category of nurses who enjoyed the gratitude of all for the generous and punctual service provided during the pandemic, today suffers a heavy attack on their personal and professional dignity”. This is the position of the Order of Nurses of the province of Ancona (Opi), which, having also heard the Macerata, Fermo and Ascoli Piceno Orders, expresses “profound disappointment and concern for the publication of Regional Law 19 of 2022”. The OPI of Ancona, which represents over 3,700 nurses, does not enter into the merits of the political decision to change the current structure in 5 Territorial Health Authorities in addition to the Ancona University Hospital and the IRCA, but after an analysis of the contents of the law, President Giuseppino Conti speaks of “decisions that we cannot agree with and that absolutely do not go in the direction desired by the nurses, not in the corporatist interest of the category but in that of the patient and his assistance”. In particular, with the reorganization law “the Department of Health Professions is eliminated and replaced with a generic ‘service’, as well as the Nursing and Health Professions Management at hospital and district level, highlighting a different consideration than to the medical management “. According to the Order of Nursing Professions “it is not possible to rethink the territorial services that require a simultaneous reorganization of hospital services without a nursing direction and the health professions adequate in the competences and in full recognition of direct responsibility in the operation, like the others health management “.

The OPI asks for an “immediate confrontation”. (HANDLE).


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