For the first time in Campania Erri De Luca and Sabrina Knaflitz in “UN’ORA A TEATRO” staged in Ciolandrea (Cilento)

For the first time in Campania Erri De Luca and Sabrina Knaflitz in “UN’ORA A TEATRO” staged in Ciolandrea (Cilento)
For the first time in Campania Erri De Luca and Sabrina Knaflitz in “UN’ORA A TEATRO” staged in Ciolandrea (Cilento)
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After last year’s concert by Ludovico Einaudi and the recent one by Frankie Hi NRG with AlJazeera and Giorgio Li Calzi arrives on the famous Pianoro di Ciolandreaenchanting natural terrace in Cilento, Erri De Luca in a unique and unrepeatable show with the actress Sabrina Knaflitz.

The unprecedented couple will perform – for the first time in Campania – Saturday 03 September 2022 (from 7 pm – unnumbered seats, € 15 at the box office) staging the show «An hour at the Theater“. The event is organized by Ponderosa Music & Art in collaboration with the seventeenth edition of the Autumn Equinox event organized by the Municipality of San Giovanni a Piro (Sa).

The theatrical show is a two-part story in which the exploits of a flower, the oddities of a tree planted in a garden, which does not let its fruits fall, are narrated, the adventure of two famous chemical gases, the point of view of an ancient dweller of forests. There is news about equality and advice in the event of an avalanche. In between, an American writer from the 1900s breaks through and shatters the relationship between the sexes by sprinkling sparks. The finish is Neapolitan.

“An Hour at the Theater” will have a perfect setting because it is immersed in one of the most beautiful places in Campania from which you can admire one of the most “breathtaking” sunsets in Italy. With the zoom of a reflex camera you can also capture the Christ of Maratea and the goats that graze overlooking the sea are the perfect company forming the frame of a wonderful picture. The natural terrace directly overlooks the protected marine area of ​​the Infreschi and Masseta. Below is Scario. Opposite it looks like paradise with the Gulf of Policastro in all its splendor.

Sabrina Knaflitz thus recounts the genesis of friendship and the working relationship which resulted in a Ponderosa tour with the emblematic title “An hour at the theater”. A text written by the Neapolitan writer, poet and activist and interpreted on stage as if it were a two-part story by De Luca himself together with the Roman actress.

We theater people all went to dinner after the show. Before Covid it was done like this. A few years ago, on one of these occasions, after having recited a “Richard III” directed by Alessandro Gassmann (her husband, ed), I had the pleasure and honor of meeting Erri De Luca who had come to attend the show. Since then a friendship has been born. We met recently and Erri asked me what I was doing. I told him about my projects, but also about the frustration of us theater actors after Covid blocked everything a bit. He listened to me and then he said to me: “Look, I wrote something for the two of us”. It is truly a great honor to participate in a project of a great writer and a great person like him. I could only answer yes … During the showcontinues the Knaflitzthere is me, him, a lectern, two chairs and a table. No music. Only words and thoughts fill the scene. High thoughts to reflect on and to deal with all together. And seeing the reaction to the debut, I can assure you that Erri with his writings manages to create a very special empathy with the audience. On the other hand, his thoughts, clear and deep, are like arrows. They catch you. All of us, but especially young people, need a conscience, ideologies, precise thoughts even on important issues such as those that he manages to express with his fine pen », continues Sabrina Knaflitz. Enthusiastic because “in such a difficult time for the theater, the freedom that he and I have to act represents a priceless opportunity, as well as unmissable.
Of course there is a lot of Erri’s passions – concludes the actress – we talk about nature, flowers, mountains, how to save oneself from avalanches, animals in the forest, gas in chemistry, Neapolitan poetry, immigrants. But on stage, and I say this with pride, there is also a lot of space for women. Important, intelligent, independent women who have left their mark. Highly described. Women who are a Source of inspiration and, I say it from my point of view, to be proudly proud of. Like the Kenyan poet Shailja Patel or Dorothy Parker, an American intellectual and activist who crossed the twentieth century, of which I speak in a monologue in which a woman waits for a phone call that will never arrive“.

Read the biography by De Luca and Knaflitz

The concert is deliberately organized in a natural place, the public is invited to the maximum collaboration so that it takes place in the best way:

– we recommend reaching the clearing with agile means of transport (motorcycles, scooters, bicycles)

– we recommend that you wear comfortable clothing and shoes.

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PONDEROSA MUSIC & ART in collaboration with the Municipality of San Giovanni a Piro and Autumn Equinox presents


Exclusive show in the Cilento National Park, Vallo di Diano and Alburni.
Saturday 03 September 2022 from 19:00 at Pianoro di Ciolandrea – Municipality of San Giovanni a Piro (Sa).
Single / full seat ticket € 15.00 + dp
Unnumbered seats.
Active presales on Ticketmaster click here – and directly at the box office.
info box office 3351524727

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