Assostampa, OdG, Ussi Puglia to Foggia Calcio: “Respect the right of the press”

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Foggia, 2 September 2022 – The Order of Journalists of Puglia, the Assostampa Puglia and the regional group of Ussi (Italian Sports Press Union) stigmatize the decision of Calcio Foggia to prohibit photographers of newspapers from accessing the field, this evening, on the occasion of the presentation public of the team to the city and the fans, scheduled at the municipal stadium “Pino Zaccheria”.

Nicola Canonico, Football Foggia 1920

In a service note sent to the media, the Rossoneri club makes it known that “photographers will not be granted access to the field” and adds that “the photos of the event will be uploaded live on the social profiles of Calcio Foggia 1920 and, at the end of the event, the official photographer of the club will make the photographic material available to all newspapers on a special cloud ».

The presidents of Assostampa and the Order of Journalists of Puglia, Bepi Martellotta and Piero Ricci, ph. FNSI Italian National Press Federation

The Order of Journalists of Puglia, Assostampa Puglia and the USSI regional group, a few hours before the start of the new football season, call for the restoration of correct relations between Calcio Foggia and the media and ask that the right of chronicle of all journalists, radio-TV operators and photographers, so that all the press is always placed in the best conditions to be able to carry out its information work and also the pluralism of information is protected.

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