Sonika, an extraordinary edition closed. Poietika arrives: all the previews

Sonika, an extraordinary edition closed. Poietika arrives: all the previews
Sonika, an extraordinary edition closed. Poietika arrives: all the previews
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“It ended a ‘extraordinary edition of Sonikathat gives Sepino in Isernia in Campobasso, thrilled the many people who followed the five appointments. On the roads of music and the near and far places of the world, Sonika marked the return to that closeness and sharing made of comparison and the joy of meeting“. So he comments Antonella Presutti, President of the Molise Culture Foundation. From 24 to 28 August the 5th Edition of Sonika Poietika took place in Molise a via dei canti where you want to build the sense of the word and of the places. In the squares and theaters with the poetry of Andrea Zanzotto in the celebrations of the centenary of his birth, the prophetic word of Massimo Zambonisinging and the vital energy of Toscathe performances of John Truppithe lunar stations of Geneva Of Marcothe electronic poetic performance of Marco Relativethe delicacy a Liana Marine And Andrew Cassese.

Enthusiastic artists and audience and with them too Maurizio Oriunno, Poietika Art Festival music consultant: “Five evenings that have contributed to raise the cultural and tourist offer in the region with shows that have enchanted those present with the final party unleashed by Tosca and his outstanding band in the historical Savoia Theater in Campobasso. Sonika Poietika closes the summer by touching great chords of sound that have invaded the space of the heart, waiting to fully enjoy the solicitations present in the next edition of Poietika Art Festival“.

Poietika was born in 2015 as a place of meetings, conversations and dialoguesbetween the local and the global, between the Molise and the world. An edition that will host, as always, extraordinary personalities from the world of culture, human rights, art and music. The VII Edition of the Art Festival on the bill from 28 September 2022 to 2 October 2022 will have as a theme “The Word is Woman”and will be dedicated to the exploration of the female figure in all its facets: political, artistic, social with the precious presence of Valentino Campo, curator of Poietika. Writers, a Nobel Prize, economistsactivists, artistsperformance, workshops of comic strip dedicated to the youngest. Among the unmissable appointments we anticipate: the suggestive female choir The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices (Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares), founded in 1952 and magnificent Alice in Alice sings Battiato.


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