A message of hope from the Cortile Francesco in Assisi – Umbria

A message of hope from the Cortile Francesco in Assisi – Umbria
A message of hope from the Cortile Francesco in Assisi – Umbria
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The event will end on Sunday

(ANSA) – ASSISI (PERUGIA), 02 SEPT – The eighth edition of the Cortile di Francesco opened today in Assisi, which has as its theme the “Eternal is the present time”. To illustrate the event, which will end on Sunday 4 September, were the custodian of the Sacred Convent, Fra Marco Moroni; the director of the communication office of the Sacred Convent, fra Giulio Cesareo; the director of the magazine San Francesco, fra Riccardo Giacon; the founder of the Oicos ​​Reflections association, Paolo Andideri and the Mayor of Assisi, Stefania Proietti. “The eternal – explained the custodian Fra Moroni – invites us to look in depth and not to flatten ourselves on the banality of the facts. But – he added – it also helps us to look in depth at the themes of the present time, such as war, work, ecology “. “The message that Francis starts with towards these issues is one of hope”, underlined the religious on the sidelines of the presentation of the courtyard. “We can hope if each of us – also said Friar Moroni – joins others and tries to mature the future”. “What would I like to say to the government that will come? – asks the custodian – I would like to say many things, the first is to listen to the real needs that are often not even those listed or related to current events”, said the custodian, highlighting that “the question of life in all its aspects is central, starting with that of migrants”.

Tomorrow 3 September, the events in the Courtyard of Francis will begin at 10 am. The 11 am, in the Sala della Pace, with the participation of Msgr. Matto Zuppi, president of the Italian Bishops’ Conference.

On Sunday, among other events, work, employment and dignity will be discussed with Pasquale Tridico, president of INPS and Luigi Sbarra, general secretary of the CISL. (HANDLE).



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