Fashion and culture for the first year of the Central Market – Lombardy

Fashion and culture for the first year of the Central Market – Lombardy
Fashion and culture for the first year of the Central Market – Lombardy
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On the 19th inclusive show Contemporary Angels by Angelo Cruciani

(ANSA) – MILAN, 02 SEPT – The Central Market in Milan celebrates its first year with a month of events, from the Cramum Prize exhibition to the inclusive fashion show Contemporary Angels by Angelo Cruciani, to the new artistic staging signed by Manuele Geromini.

On 9 September the Market hosts the final event of the ninth edition of the Cramum Prize for contemporary art, whose works will remain on display until 17 September.

On 19 September, with the patronage of the Municipality of Milan, Fashion Week arrives at the Central Market with an open and inclusive fashion show, that of Angelo Cruciani, who with his Yezael line – founded in 2014 – dresses stars like Ghali and the Maneskin.

The designer and artist, former star of the Netflix talent show ‘Next in Fashion’, last July organized an open casting, to find what he calls his ‘contemporary angels’. There are 36 boys and girls selected “not for their bodies, but for their personalities”, who will parade together with well-known models and names in the spaces of the Market, which will turn into a catwalk, complete with a visible ‘backstage’. Before the show, Sunday 4 September, Cruciani will be in Palermo with a new installation, which enjoys the patronage of the Holy See, to celebrate Santa Rosalia and “invoke – explains the artist – a global human harmony”. On the occasion of the feast of the Patroness, a huge lily made of light will be created at the Sanctuary of Santa Rosalia. “It is time to think that doing fashion – underlines Cruciani – is also giving the world the opportunity to see scenarios of new types of beauty, dressing hearts and not just bodies”.

The month of celebrations at the Market ends on September 30th with a party open to the public and the new site-specific art project. (HANDLE).



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