Smallpox of monkeys, vaccination starts in the north-west Tuscany ASL from 5 September

Smallpox of monkeys, vaccination starts in the north-west Tuscany ASL from 5 September
Smallpox of monkeys, vaccination starts in the north-west Tuscany ASL from 5 September
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The ASL Toscana northwest and the Pisana hospital-university company have developed and activated the new procedure for the prevention, identification and management of cases of monkeypox virus better known as monkeypox. Inside there are also indications relating to method of vaccination which, we remember, is offered free of charge to categories of high-risk individuals indicated in the ministerial circular 35365 of 5 August last.

The vaccines are available throughout the Tuscany Region and the administration campaign will start on Monday 5 September meanwhile dedicated to people who are part of the categories at risk indicated by the ministry. In recent weeks, the ASL and Aoup have been in constant contact with the Tuscany Region to fine-tune all the organizational aspects and to provide homogeneous responses on all company territories.

We have therefore arrived at one single and organic procedure between North West Tuscany Local Health Authority and Aoup which provides for two levels of vaccination management. Infectious disease and hygiene facilities already have lists of people at risk who will be called directly; moreover, citizens who believe they need to get the vaccine will be able to refer directly to the telephone numbers at specific times infectious diseases present in the two companies: here they will also find a sort of counseling service to explain their situation and for a possible inclusion in the vaccination agendas.

The primary vaccination course can be performed with two doses at least 4 weeks (28 days) after the first administration. The booster dose can be made by those who have received at least one dose of smallpox vaccine in the past or by those who have completed a two-dose vaccination course for over two years.

In the North West Tuscany Local Health Authority, the infectious disease departments will therefore identify the subjects at risk in order to assess the number of doses necessary for the vaccination offer and prepare the program of sessions to be carried out within dedicated structures.

Citizens who identify themselves in the categories at risk indicated at national level can first contact the regional toll-free number 800.556060, active from Monday to Friday from 9 to 15, to receive information and for a connection with the reference centers of the health authorities. While those who are already followed by the infectious disease wards can contact them directly.

These, in detail, are the contact details to contact for residents of the territory of the North West Tuscany ASL:

Apuan and Lunigiana areas: Infectious Diseases Department Nuovo Ospedale delle Apuane, 0585.498951 from Monday to Friday from 12 to 13 and from 18 to 19.

Piana di Lucca and Serchio Valley areas: infectious diseases department Lucca, 0583.970547 from Monday to Friday from 12 to 14. You can also send an email to [email protected] leaving a telephone number to be called back.

Versilia, Pisana, Avc-Vde, Livorno, Etruscan and Elbe valleys: infectious diseases department Livorno, 0586.223050 from Monday to Friday from 12.30 to 14. You can also send an email [email protected] leaving a telephone number to be called back.

Aoup: infectious diseases department – Cisanello hospital (Building 13, ground floor), 050.995562 and 050.992876 from Monday to Friday from 10.30 to 13.00. territory, from 12 to 13 at the following telephone numbers and, also during the rest of the day, at the email addresses listed below:

Lunigiana: 0187 / 462442-37 and [email protected]

Apuan: 0585.655859-60 and [email protected]

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Versilia: 0584.6058910-11 and [email protected]

Plain of Lucca: 0583.449234 and [email protected]

Serchio Valley: 0583.449234 and [email protected]

Pisa: 050.954111 and [email protected]

Valdera – Upper Cecina Valley: 0587.273339 and [email protected]

Etruscan valleys: 0565.67570 – 0565.67534 -0586.614450 – 0586.614470 and [email protected]; [email protected]

Livorno: 0586.223577, [email protected]

Elba: 0565.926818, [email protected]

How it is transmitted

Monkeypox is transmitted by direct contact with lesions of the skin and mucous membranes or with body fluids and during sexual activity. But also in prolonged face-to-face, through droplets of saliva (droplets) and touching contaminated objects such as clothing, towels, sheets and dishes). The main symptoms are rashes with blisters in any part of the body, but more frequently in the anogenital areas, fever and swollen lymph nodes accompanied by headache, muscle aches and weakness. In case of suspected infection it is necessary to contact your doctor immediately, self-isolate, refrain from sexual activity, notify close contacts and sexual partners.

In case of illness, isolation can be carried out in a hospital setting, but also at home if the patient’s conditions do not require hospitalization and the declared characteristics of the dwelling allow isolation in a single room and the prevention of risky contacts with any cohabitants. In the event that the conditions of the house do not allow isolation, the infectious doctor can activate the Acot (Hospital-Territory Continuity Agency) to send the patient to a health hotel.

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