call to support the Master Craftsmen

call to support the Master Craftsmen
call to support the Master Craftsmen
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Councilor for economic development, “One and a half million euros for those who make quality craftsmanship grow” – Master Craftsmen

“We have chosen to invest in master craftsmen because they are professional figures who well represent the value of work in our Veneto.

Now, as already announced, we are opening a new call

from one and a half million euros to support the activities of the 152 already recognized Master Craftsmen. In a moment of such serious difficulty, the commitment of the Region alongside Veneto businesses continues ”.

Thus the regional councilor for economic development announces the approval of the tender called “Support for the activity of Venetian Master Craftsmen. Year 2022 ”, aimed at providing grants to support the activities of the Master Craftsmen recognized by the Veneto Region.

“Support for the activities of the Master Craftsmen

– the Councilor again underlines – assumes particular relevance in the current socio-economic context, aggravated by the growing difficulty in finding personnel to be qualified, and in the generational turnover and therefore becomes necessary to contribute to the safeguarding of artistic and traditional artisan sectors that risk disappearing without adequate transmission of professional skills “.

The call for selection of beneficiaries, for a total amount of 1,500,000 euros, was therefore approved in order to support the Master Craftsman who intends to adapt the laboratories used or to be used as a school shop and support the competitiveness of the masters’ businesses. Venetian artisans as a whole, enhancing their role as bearers of a wealth of knowledge and increasing the recognition of this new figure.

The initiative is also aimed at

to facilitate the introduction of technological innovations and processes for the enhancement and transmission of artisan skills, as well as to facilitate the performance of training activities in the premises where the Master Craftsman works.

The tender therefore provides for a contribution of up to 75% of the investment deemed admissible for the purchase of machinery, means of work, hardware and software, including the costs for the creation of web portals and e-commerce aimed at promoting the company and the marketing of its products, specific van trucks for the transport of goods, masonry and plant engineering works, including the construction of renewable energy plants.


Applications can be submitted from 10.00 on Thursday 22 September 2022, until 16.00 on Thursday 20 October 2022.

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All information will be available in the calls section of the Veneto Region website.

Press release no. 1809-2022 (CRAFTSMANSHIP)

(AVN) – Venice, 2 September 2022

The article is in Italian


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