sanctioned Inter, Rome, Milan and Juventus

sanctioned Inter, Rome, Milan and Juventus
sanctioned Inter, Rome, Milan and Juventus
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Three years of settlement agreement for the Bianconeri and the Rossoneri, four for the Nerazzurri and the Giallorossi

The ax of sanctions Uefa hits the big Italians. The first section of the Club Financial Control Body of the governing body of European football has in fact made the settlement agreement with 8 clubs that did not comply with the break-even requirements in the period 2018-2022thus violating the rules of Financial Fair Play: There are also Juventus, Inter, Milan And Romebeyond Monk, Beskitas, Olympique Marseille And Psg (the most sanctioned club ever). All companies will have to pay one fine not subject to conditions and they will then have to comply with a repayment plan: triennial that of bianconeri and rossoneri, four years that of the Nerazzurri and the Giallorossi, who will also incur in some restrictions on the registration of new players.

In detail, the eight clubs were fined for a total of 172 million eurosof which the 15% will be paid immediately without conditions while the remainder 85% will be paid only in the event of failure to achieve budget targets. The Milan will therefore pay 2 million, which could rise up to 15, la Juventus 3.5 million, which could rise to 23, theInter 4 million which could rise to 26, the Rome 5 million which could rise to 35.

To the Paris Saint Germainas mentioned, the heaviest fine: 10 million, which could rise to 65 in case of failure to return.



Milan immediately commented on the official nature of the UEFA sanctions: “The decision of the UEFA Club Financial Control Body testifies to the validity of the strategic vision that guides the work of our Club. We will continue with confidence on the virtuous path towards financial sustainability, in line with the indications of the FFP, committing ourselves with discipline and constancy to achieve the perfect balance and synergy between sporting and financial results: a goal that the whole world of football should continue to pursue “.

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