“Guaranteeing young people the right to stay in Calabria”

“Guaranteeing young people the right to stay in Calabria”
“Guaranteeing young people the right to stay in Calabria”
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CORIGLIANO ROSSANO – «Young people must be guaranteed the right to remain in their homeland. I have I personally wrote the part of the M5S program that concerns young people and youth policies. It is a full-bodied program that includes a series of measures to build a country suitable for young people. But above all, a program that is coupled with the data, to be overturned, concerning young Calabrians. On the one hand, in fact, the lack of work that would affect 55.6% of young Calabrians, on the other the data on innovative start-ups just 14 per 100,000 inhabitants against 23.8 in the rest of the country ”.

This is what he writes in a press release Vittoria BaldinoGroup Leader 5 Star Movement for the 1st Constitutional Affairs Commission, of the Prime Minister’s Office and Interior, Candidate for the Chamber in Calabria in the single-member constituency 01 – Corigliano Rossano.

«This last figure testifies to the scarce specialization of the Calabrian production system in high-tech or knowledge-intensive sectors. Again, the job demand of Calabrian companies has favored above all low-skilled and fixed-term positions, while the recruitments envisaged in the more qualified professional categories remain low. All this with serious consequences on the social level ».

“Among the proposed measures, therefore, iincentives for youth entrepreneurship and greater investments in education, research and innovation, to provide the tools, to make conscious choices suited to the territorial context in which one lives, thus also attacking the desertification process of entire territories. Measures that must be accompanied by other measures such as access to quality work, not precarious, in line with the skills acquired during the years of training, with a guaranteed minimum wage threshold and the possibility of aspiring to a decent pension allowance “.

“The incentives that were introduced by the Conte government for employers who permanently hire young people, produced a good result in 2021: 40% of the total permanent contracts were signed by people under 35. For this reason it is necessary make the tax reliefs that guarantee stable employment for young people structurally. Finally, on the training front, it is also necessary to regulate internships to avoid resorting to the phenomenon of the abuse of this tool by introducing the obligation to pay indemnities and, at the same time, incentivize the apprenticeship ».

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