“We do not agree with the surrender of the UDC in Sicily”

“We do not agree with the surrender of the UDC in Sicily”
“We do not agree with the surrender of the UDC in Sicily”
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Elio Ficarra and Andrea Aiello, respectively former deputy regional coordinator of the UDC Sicily and former citizen coordinator of the scudocrociato in Palermo, close their experience in the centrist party and formalize their adhesion to Forza Italia in view of the next regional elections in which they will support the candidacies by Renato Schifani as president of the Sicilian Region and by Francesco Cascio at Ars. The former municipal councilor of Palermo and the current president of the fifth district of the Sicilian capital illustrate the reasons behind the choice made.

“After having carried out an incessant and widespread work on the territory, in order to recreate a new basis for aggregation, consent and adhesion within the UDC in Sicily – reads a joint note – we learned from the specialized media that the party he will not be present with his own symbol in the next regional elections, but will merge the candidates into the lists of another political party. We believe it is inconceivable that, as deputy regional coordinator and citizen coordinator of the Sicilian capital, the leaders of the centrist party have not considered It is advisable to have to inform or involve ourselves, at least in the context of confrontation, about a cutting and focal choice, in a present and future key. A choice that obviously we cannot share, since we have lavished commitment, passion and energy to generate a process of identification in the new UDC course in Sicily, promulgating the moderate, liberal and democratic values ​​proper to all to party doctrine, eliminating the distances between institutional profiles and citizens, trying to provide prompt and concrete answers to the social, infrastructural and logistic needs within our territory. We have gathered consensus in every area of ​​civil society, including freelancers, entrepreneurs, students, members of the academic and health world, jurists and employees, activists and exponents of the trade union world “.

“After careful and conscientious reflection – Aiello and Ficarra conclude – we are happy and enthusiastic to announce our adhesion to Forza Italia, the leading party in the center-right coalition with which we share the same strategy of relaunch, innovation, optimization and development in the social field. , economic and within the public administration “. Francesco Stabile, councilor of the fifth constituency, will also join Forza Italia; Salvatore and Antonio Sgroi, municipal councilors of Carini; Antonino Valenti, councilor of the first district and Giuseppe Cannella, former municipal councilor of Prizzi.

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