Elections: pasta was used by drawing lots for Marche symbols – Marche

Elections: pasta was used by drawing lots for Marche symbols – Marche
Elections: pasta was used by drawing lots for Marche symbols – Marche
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PCI first party for the Chamber, Italy sovereign for the Senate

(ANSA) – ANCONA, 02 SEPT – This morning, at the Court of Appeal of Ancona, the order for the symbols of the parties and the lists as they will appear, in the Marche region, on the ballots for the political elections on 25 September was drawn. . Two phases took place at different times for the Chamber and the Senate: for the draw, the sheets with the symbols were inserted into small balls of dry pasta, fished from time to time from a container. The alternative would have been to tighten them with rubber bands, but the staff considered it more appropriate to insert them in the boccolottini, buying a half-kilo packet of pasta directly at the supermarket. Both extractions took place inside a courtroom on the ground floor of the Ancona Court of Appeal.

The first draw, at 10:20 am, involved the Chamber of Deputies. In the card the order will be this: PCI, Center-Left Coalition with Democratic Party-Democratic and Progressive Italy, Green Alliance and Left, Luigi Di Maio Civic Commitment-Democratic Center, + piùEuropa; Life; Sovereign and popular Italy; 5 Star Movement; Alternative for Italy – No green pass; Action-ItaliaViva-Calenda; Coalition of the center-right with Noi Moderati, Forza Italia, Fratelli d’Italia, Lega per Salvini premier; Popular union with De Magistris and the last extract was Italexit for Italy. In the Senate the draw, at 10:50 am, determined this order: Italy Sovereign and Popular, the center-right coalition with Noi Moderati / Noi with Italy, Forza Italia, Fratelli d’Italia with Giorgia Meloni, Lega per Salvini Premier ; Italexit; 5 Star Movement; Popular Union with De Magistris, PCI, Vita, the center-left coalition with + Europe, Green and Left Alliance, Luigi Di Maio Civic Commitment, Democratic Party: Action-Italia Viva-Calenda and the last excerpt was Alternative for Italy . (HANDLE).


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