Frantoi Aperti in Umbria 25th edition 29 October 27 November

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Umbrian landscape among the olive trees

It will celebrate for five weekends the arrival of the new extra virgin olive oil in the period of the pressing of the olives, proposing initiatives in the mill, among the olive trees and in the squares, linked to the world of quality oil

From 29 October to 27 November 2022 back in the spotlight Open Oil Mills in Umbria, the key event of national oil tourism, which has been giving prestige to Umbria’s oil for 25 years. Also for this 25th edition, Frantoi Aperti will celebrate for five weekends the arrival of the new extra virgin olive oil during the olive pressing period, proposing initiatives in the mill, among the olive trees and in the squares, linked to the world of quality oil.

Frantoi Aperti 2022 is an event organized by the Umbria PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil Road Association in collaboration with the Umbria Region and with all the players in the Umbrian olive sector.

Frantoi Aperti in Umbria also in comics

“Frantoi Aperti in Umbria” provides numerous cultural initiatives with extra virgin olive oil as protagonist

The spin-off will be held in the mills in progress, the beating heart of the initiative “Oil in comics – Live drawing in the oil mills” which, thanks to the innovative collaboration between the most creative realities of oil production and the comic industry, will transform the oil mills, productive places par excellence, into real cultural laboratories where in-depth events will be organized based on the language of comics and exhibitions of comic strips and cartoons will be proposed, focusing on the “historical” relationship between oil and Umbria.

“Olio a fumetti” will be the result of the synergy with publishing realities, libraries, collectives of artists, musicians and graphic designers and foresees that, during the Frantoi Aperti weekends, a comic artist will be present in the oil mills participating in the event, performing in a “Live drawing” which will be accompanied by a DJ set and aperitif with tastings of freshly pressed oil.

In some of the participating oil mills, “Olio a fumetti Kids” will be experimented, a series of sign and drawing workshops, aimed at children on the art of comics and the connection with oil, which will be “seasoned” with tastings of bread and freshly pressed oil.

From contemporary art to music

Umbrian olive trees
Concert among the secular olive trees in Umbria in a recent edition of “Frantoi Aperti”

Two other experiences that will be offered to visitors, will instead have the language of contemporary art and that of music: “Keyumbra in nature” and “Sounds of secular olive trees”.

“Keyumbra in nature – Artistic experiments in the olive landscape” is the contemporary art event, organized by Palazzo Lucarini Contemporary, will offer new and experimental keys to access the Umbrian territory, nature and the relationship between man and environment.

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In its ninth edition, it will take root more and more in the landscape, in particular along the trekking routes where the artists will meet the public by personally presenting artistic actions or small visual interventions in nature.

The public will thus be guided, along the way, to live an unprecedented experience of encounter and contact with the environment thanks to the filter of works of art made with natural elements. The alchemy of the artistic process will become the privileged way to get in touch with the simple but enchanted places of the Umbria of the Frantoi Aperti.

“Sounds of secular olive trees” is the mini music festival designed to enhance the dialogue between contemporary music and olive trees. Outdoor concerts will be held near the most representative specimens of centuries-old olive trees in the region and in the areas certified Dop Umbria, in particular at the Secular Olive Tree of S. Emiliano in Trevi – Colli Assisi Spoleto, the Secular Olive Tree of Macciano in Giano dell’Umbria – Colli Martani, the secular olive tree of Rajo in Amelia – Colli Amerini, the secular olive tree of Dolce Agogia in Castiglione del Lago – Colli del Trasimeno.

Guided walks and bike rides

The artistic and cultural initiatives will be “connected” and usable thanks to guided walks and bike rideswhich will connect the olive groves to the adhering villages with a high olive vocation, where there will be small events, exhibitions of quality oil artisans and other food and wine products, concerts and musical performances, guided tours of historic centers and thematic museums, bread tastings and oil in the squares, extraordinary openings of castles and palaces and many initiatives imagined to involve the little ones.

In the restaurants menus combined with quality extra virgin olive oils

Finally, in the five weekends of Frantoi Aperti in Umbria, the restaurants of the circuit “Umbrian EVOOAmbassador. Witnesses of unique oils “will propose menus of land and lake in combination with the quality extra virgin olive oils of the producers belonging to Frantoi Aperti 2022, the oils will be “told” thanks to the presence of the producers in the restaurants.

More details on the program will soon be online on the website

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