Protocol signed for upgrading the Foligno-Terontola railway line

Protocol signed for upgrading the Foligno-Terontola railway line
Protocol signed for upgrading the Foligno-Terontola railway line
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(ANSA) – PERUGIA, 02 SEPT – The Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between the Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructures and Mobility (Mims), the Umbria Region and the Italian Railway Network (FS Group) for the establishment of a working group aimed at defining the procedures for upgrading and developing the Foligno-Perugia-Terontola railway line. With the agreement, signed by the minister, Enrico Giovannini, by the president of the Region, Donatella Tesei and by the managing director of RFI, Vera Fiorani, the parties undertake to identify, on the basis of the interventions and studies already carried out, the actions aimed at the possible project review of the planned interventions, also providing for new alternatives, necessary to guarantee the strengthening of the Foligno-Perugia-Terontola railway connection, through a decrease in travel times and the improvement of the regularity of the service in faster times than those originally planned.
The new 2022-2026 Program Agreement – Investment Part – between Mims and Rfi, approved by the Interministerial Committee for Economic Planning and Sustainable Development (Cipess) on 2 August, provides for an investment for the first phase of the project of over 105 million of Euro.

“As repeatedly underlined and clearly described in the strategic documents prepared by the Ministry, the strengthening of the railway lines is fully part of our vision of sustainable mobility, which aims to unite territories and improve their accessibility through efficient, fast and low-impact connections. environmental “explained Minister Giovannini. “The strengthening of the Foligno-Perugia-Terontola line will favor the movements of students and workers in Central Italy and the economic revitalization of local activities, thanks to a fast and safe railway connection between regions with a high tourist vocation. In particular – underlined the Minister – the expansion of the new Perugia Airport station is already planned, which will allow a fundamental modal integration for the territory, while the speeding up of the line will allow an important connection to Umbria with high speed “.

“Today’s signature of the Memorandum of Understanding is a new important step forward in the direction of improving the Foligno-Perugia-Terontola railway connection – said the President of the Umbria Region, Donatella Tesei – which also goes through a decrease in mileage and greater regularity of the service. The improvement of the railway axis in question is not only useful for horizontally connecting our region by touching key territories, but also makes it easier to reach two fundamental hubs such as Foligno (on the Lazio-Marche route) and Terontola (Lazio-Tuscany) “.

“The strengthening of the Foligno – Perugia – Terontola railway line has always been strategic and essential for Umbria – added the Councilor for Transport of the Region, Enrico Melasecche – and in the structure that is consolidating, it assumes a role that, in the light of the strengthening of the Orte-Falconara, goes beyond the function of the main branch of the railway transport system within the region, applying to connect the most densely populated area of ​​the region (between Foligno and Corciano) and which also includes the San Francesco, at the hubs of Rome and Florence. The regional objective is that the table can give a substantial acceleration to the development procedures of the railway line that we have been waiting for for some time. We have been working towards this goal for two years and we count on achieving further important results with today’s protocol ”.

“The memorandum of understanding signed today is part of RFI’s strategy for the strengthening and improvement of railway infrastructures dedicated to local transport,” said the CEO of RFI Vera Fiorani. “It is a priority for us to guarantee increasingly efficient, fast and sustainable connections to those who travel for work, study and tourism in their own region and between neighboring regions. The working group identified with Mims and the Umbria Region, which sees within it professionalism of the highest level – he concluded – aims precisely to achieve these objectives, in particular to the development and speeding up of the Foligno-Perugia-Terontola line ”.



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