Ufc Paris, Marvin Vettori: ‘I, Whittaker, Adesanya, Italy, the title …’

Ufc Paris, Marvin Vettori: ‘I, Whittaker, Adesanya, Italy, the title …’
Ufc Paris, Marvin Vettori: ‘I, Whittaker, Adesanya, Italy, the title …’
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The Italian fighter faces Robert Whittaker, number 2 in the ranking tomorrow evening: “One who does not exhibit himself, but I studied him well. I thrill all the people who will come from my country to see me, the choirs in Italian. Adesanya? His time is over, but I … “

Giulio Di Feo

2 September
– Milan

There is the Ufc that goes to the assault of Europe, a crucial market for the mainstream development of mixed martial arts, and lands for the first time in Paris. And there is a Europe that goes to the assault of the UFC, where at the moment it has three champions and at least one contender per division. Among these, in middleweight, there is Marvin Vettori, at the most intriguing match of his career in Ufc for many reasons. The first: Robert Whittaker, number 2 in the ranking, is one of the best middleweights in history, beating him would be the pass to a new title fight. The second: the Mezzocorona fighter, who has been living and training in California for some time, returns to fight in Europe six years after the last time. He tells us the others, between a break and the other of a camp in which “I included training on breathing to maximize even the one on the octagon, I developed the right gameplan, I didn’t really leave anything to chance” .

The gameplan, in fact. In his last 5 fights he has fought on five rounds, this time the match is on three. What changes?

“The pace will be higher. No more or less hard, just different. I prefer to fight at five, but by now I have experience and I have fixed what I had to do during the preparation phase ”.

His opponent, Robert Whittaker. Describe it to us.

“An intelligent one, who does not expose himself too much, who makes good shots for the card. If I had to compare it to an animal it would be a snake: it does not clash face to face, it just sits there, looks for the right hole, if you let it do it it’s dangerous. But I studied him well, I won’t let him do what he knows how to do “.

Whittaker is just an obstacle to be swept away. And then he made me wait two more months to deal with him …

Marvin Vectors

Compared to his other recent opponents, however, there are no tense stories with him. Isn’t that a little lack of motivation?

“No, I’ve been in this business for too long to be influenced by such factors. Whittaker is just another obstacle ahead of me and he needs to be blown away, period. If I really have to find additional motivation in this meeting, it is in the fact that I will be faced with a strong one who made me wait two more months to face it … ”.

And then he goes back to Europe, that also counts. We have been missing since 2016: Milan, Venator, she who beats the Brazilian Araujo by submission.

“Yeah, that also thrills me: a really beautiful European fight week, with many people coming for me. Sure, I would have liked to fight in the main event but let’s face it: Vettori vs Whittaker is in fact the main event ”.

Over a thousand people from Italy for me, an army behind …. when it’s like this how can I give up before the last breath?

Marvin Vectors

Over a thousand tickets sold from Italy …

“A crazy squadron, I can already imagine hearing the choirs as I go to the cage, it will be an evening in which Italian will be spoken in Paris. There will be my dad, my brother, my old friends …. I go to war with an army behind me, and when it’s like that, how can you give up before the last breath? ”.

Ufc does not arrive by chance in London and Paris: the assault on Europe has begun, can it become mainstream here as it is in the US?

“Yes, it is a sport that has all the credentials to be, but the conception that combat sports in Europe has to be changed. And the media too, it would be nice if they talked about it more ”.

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If you are talking about Italian athletes in the US, you are also included in the deck with the Gallinari, the Chiellini and the Insigne. Difference: they conquered America like stars, she became stars there …

“Yes, I often think about it. I’m proud of it, every day there is someone on social media who writes it to me, and I’m glad if my story translates into a nice message for those who read it: if you want to achieve something great in life with hard work, dedication and discipline you can do it. These are the tools you need to get anywhere “.

You and Alessio Di Chirico are on stage in Paris. But what if he were to recommend another good Italian for Ufc to Dana White?

“It’s hard to say, I follow the Italian scene from a long distance. But Pietro Penini came to work here in California. There is a lot to do, but if you do it consistently, you could earn an entry to the contender series (the reality show that every year gives away pro ‘Ufc contracts, ed) ”.

The time of Adesanya is over. Now he does the bare minimum, he is never what the meeting ‘does’ …

Marvin Vectors

Let’s talk about the current middleweight champion Adesanya. After his last defense of the title against Cannonier he ended up a bit in the crosshairs: boring, sparagnino, too showman and not much fighter … What do you think?

“That your time is running out. He is already in a very waning phase: his latest matches demonstrate this in which he limited himself to the bare minimum, he was never the one who ‘made’ the match “.

Well, he’s the champion …

“Precisely. He goes to the cage with the idea that he is the champion and therefore it is the others who have to take the belt. In my opinion it’s bullshit …, a champion has to prove that he is. If you come into my house, I won’t let you do what you want, rather I’ll kick you out. This is the approach that a champion must have, the one I will have when I am. I rather lose with honor, but I don’t meet up trying to tame him ”.

In November Adesanya will defend the title again against Alex Pereira, who has already beaten him twice in kickboxing. How will it go?

“It will be a match that will take place almost only standing, so I see Pereira superior. And I’ll tell you: a meeting with Pereira excites me much more. But we are not done with Adesanya, you will see that the trilogy will be there ”.

He beats Whittaker and then the Ufc arrives in Italy for his title match. If you imagine such a thing?

“A dream, truly a dream. But I have always said that I had two objectives: to win the belt and bring the UFC to Italy ”.

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