Elections: in the Marche and in other 7 regions with the PCI symbol on cards – Marche

Elections: in the Marche and in other 7 regions with the PCI symbol on cards – Marche
Elections: in the Marche and in other 7 regions with the PCI symbol on cards – Marche
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‘Distant from Rizzo, I work in the first place against capitalism’

(ANSA) – ANCONA, 02 SEPT – After many years, the symbol of the Italian Communist Party is back on the ballot paper. It is the “real big news” of the policies of 25 September, according to the regional secretary of the PCI of the Marche Ruggero Giacomini, in contention for the Chamber in the plurinominal and in the single-member constituency of Ascoli Piceno, which today presented the candidates for the press in Ancona . Voters will find the red flag with hammer and sickle superimposed on the tricolor with the wording PCI on the ballot papers “in 8 regions including the Marche”, thanks “to the militants of the party and to the hundreds and hundreds of men and women who under Ferragosto at the banquets they signed us up to allow this important democratic transition, which gives a strong signal of hope and redemption “. “Revolutionize the present, build the future” is the slogan of the election manifesto and the membership campaign. In the priority program the theme of work: “more state less market” the recipe proposed to counter the capitalist model, “which has made work less safe and more precarious and has damaged the environment”. On the health front, we need “a state pharmaceutical company linked to research”.

No to any “discrimination linked to sex, religion, national origin, against all forms of racism and sexism”. Also no to the policy of “rearmament of the Draghi government which is bringing us to the brink of nuclear war”, even if “Putin is a fascist”. The PCI distances itself from Sovereign and Popular Italy, which is headed by Marco Rizzo: “they are trying to intercept the galaxy no vax and no green pass – observed Roberta Coletta, also in the running for the Chamber -, we are in favor vaccines, but we want more transparency in contracts and we think rather of the vaccination model of Cuba “. But there was no possibility of an alliance even with the Popular Union of Luigi De Magistris: “we are not in favor of personal parties”. (HANDLE).


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