Festival del Viaggiatore 2022: widespread festival in the most beautiful villages of Veneto

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“We cross three provinces and six municipalities, we tell and promote the territories with the stories and tales of all travelers as dowsers, because every life is a journey”

The Traveler Festivalscheduled from 4 to 25 Septemberit’s a tourist-cultural event which has the goal of promote the small territories of Veneto and the communities that inhabit them, highlighting and putting in contact vocations, artistic-cultural characteristics, artisanal and entrepreneurial activities, natural and landscape resources.

The idea that drives it is the journey as a metaphor for lifeit is therefore a Festival of stories, experiences and sharing, transversal to several worlds.

The Festival was born in Asolo in 2015, but from 2020, a pandemic year, it became itinerant, involving more and more Venetian provinces. In a context of unique design, the Festival connects the places that host it, creating synergies at various levels and promoting a slow, careful and respectful tourism.


The Festival it lives in the places where it landsmaking them welcoming to all travelers who take the call to find themselves outside the box and social networks, immersed in the beauty and goodness of our wonderful country. The welcoming city is transformed into an open-air living room, where informal meetings are transformed into moments of listening and discussion, without barriers.

Many locations are open to the public only for the event: these are villas, gardens, archaeological remains, palaces that belonged to personalities of the past such as Duse, Robert Browning, Malipiero, Freya Stark, thus allowing everyone a unique experience of the places.


Scheduled literary meetings and informal conversations with nationally renowned writers, coming from fiction, non-fiction and children’s literature, but also from the world of communication, blogs, radio, theater and music.

4 SEPTEMBERVENICE, LIDO: the eighth edition of the Festival del Viaggiatore will open in Venice where, as part of the 79th Venice International Film Festival, the Segafredo Zanetti City of Asolo Award will be presented to the public A BOOK, A FILM – Festival del Viaggiatore VIII, and the final five that will compete for the prize on September 24th.

Presenting the entire project of the Festival del Viaggiatore, talking about how it has grown year after year to the point of being recognized of absolute importance for the cultural industry of our country because it puts the world of literary production in contact with the film industry with absolute efficiency. and television, will be Emanuela Cananzi, artistic director of the Festival del Viaggiatore, and Maria Francesca Gagliardi, in charge of the scouting for the editorial rights of Lux Vide. 2.15 pm / Hotel Excelsior – Veneto Region Space / Veneto Film Commission – Lido of Venice.

16 SEPTEMBERPOSSAGNO: the complete program of cultural events, by clicking here.

17/18 SEPTEMBERBASSANO DEL GRAPPA: the complete program of cultural events by clicking here.

18 SEPTEMBERSource: the complete program of cultural events, by clicking here.

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23 SEPTEMBERMASER: the complete program of cultural events, by clicking here.

24/25 SEPTEMBERASOLO: for the occasion, in a completely exclusive way, a range of precious and unique private residences are open to the public, including Casa Freya Stark and Villa Freya Garden. The complete program of cultural events, by clicking here.

The complete program and the possibility of book eventsby clicking here.

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