Only in 2003 in Piedmont a hotter summer than the one that is ending

Only in 2003 in Piedmont a hotter summer than the one that is ending
Only in 2003 in Piedmont a hotter summer than the one that is ending
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The meteorological summer 2022 was characterized in Piedmont by a prolonged African anticyclonic stability which began as early as mid-May and interrupted at the end of July and August by the passage of Atlantic sacks which caused thunderstorms and a gradual lowering of temperatures.

In our region the average temperature was 20.6 ° C. This is what emerges from the ARPA report: what is about to end was the second hottest summer after that of 2003, with a positive thermal anomaly of about 2.2 ° C compared to the 1991-2020 standard. June and July both ranked second in the hottest months of the past 65 years, while August was in eighth place. The characteristic of this summer was the continuous positive anomaly with values ​​above the 95th percentile until the first decade of August, in fact the temperature values ​​were above the average for almost the entire summer with interruptions at the end of July, in the first ten days of August and in the days around August.

Despite the high temperatures, 40 ° C was not exceeded as in the summer of 2003. Another characteristic of this summer were the tropical nights (minimum temperatures above 20 ° C) which were considerably above average: in some provincial capitals they were the most numerous and above all recorded the longest consecutive day period. The number of consecutive tropical nights recorded a record in Turin (15), Vercelli (9), Verbania (15) and Asti (15) all from the beginning of the second decade of July. In August, the tropical nights were average.

Even the tropical days (Tmax> 30 ° C) were significantly higher than the average in all the provincial capitals.

The highest values ​​of summer 2022 in the provincial capitals were recorded on 22 July in Vercelli (35.9 ° C), on 25 July in Turin (38.2 ° C), in Cuneo (34.2 ° C) , in Asti (38.2 ° C), and in Alessandria (37.9 ° C) and on 6 August in Biella (35.8 ° C), and in Verbania (36.4 ° C).

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