Nuclear, from Japan to Switzerland the world goes on and Italy remains at stake. The center-right: “We in favor”

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The atom expands. From the Japan at the SwissfromEgypt at the Germanyup to Slovakia: nuclear power, in various parts of the world, represents the first Source of energy to remedy the Russian gas. Italy, on the other hand, is stuck in the 1987 abrogative referendum. When, on the emotional and radioactive wave of Chernobylthe vote decreed the decommissioning of the four power plants Italian. The elections of 25 September, in this sense, could change things. Especially in the case of victory of the center-rightwhich, like the Third Pole and unlike the Pd and M5s, is in favor of fourth generation nuclear power.

Nuclear, from Japan to Switzerland the world goes on and Italy remains at stake. The center-right: “We in favor”

Eleven years have passed since that 11 March 2011, when a tsunami caused the partial melting of the cores of three reactors of the nuclear power plant of Fukushima, the largest nuclear disaster in Japan’s history. On Tuesday, local authorities in the prefecture of the same name revoked the latest evacuation order in the Futaba district. It means that residents can return to their homes. A survey conducted in August 2021, ten years after the accident, revealed that 60% of the inhabitants of Fukushima prefecture had decided not to return, far exceeding 11% of those who, on the contrary, wanted to resume possession of their own home. The Japanese still scaredand in this sense the continuous alarms coming from the Ukrainian central Zaporizhzhia they don’t help, but the Japanese premier, Fumio Kishidaannounced that he would like to restart some control panels extinguished after the 2011 disaster. The thirst for energy overcomes everything. Even environmental ideals. In Germany, the Minister of Economy, the ecologist Robert Habeck, he would have liked to shut down the three power plants in the country on 31 December this year. It will close only one, while the other two will have to remain in operation to safeguard the difficulties faced by the omnivorous energy industry of southern Germany. In Egypt, in El Dabaa, the Russian giant Rosatom will realize the first nuclear power plant of the country. In December 2017, the Egyptian president, Abdel Fattah al Sisiand the head of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin, had signed an agreement in Cairo to start work on the plant, with construction costs estimated at 28.75 billion dollars, 85% of which was financed with a loan from Moscow. According to the project timetable, the first reactor will be activated in 2028. One has just opened in Switzerland collection of signatures to start the construction of new nuclear plants, blocked in 2017 with a popular referendum. Now Bern he’s thinking about it. “Switzerland needs a reliable energy supply and without atomic energy this does not work”, underlined the organizing committee, which needs 100,000 signatures to submit a new question to citizens. In Slovakia, thanks to the activation of a new reactor, the production of electricity from nuclear sources will grow up to 65%. More than half.

Nuclear, from Japan to Switzerland the world goes on and Italy remains at stake: Salvini and Calenda for the yes

It’s Italy? The return to nuclear power is well present in the center-right program. In particular he is the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, to sponsor the atom. “There are scientists who argue that nuclear is the future, let the Polytechnic decide where, there are more or less suitable areas,” Salvini reiterated today. “Nicola Fratoianni put your soul in peace: Italy will return to nuclear power as they are doing in other parts of the world. The latest generation of clean and safe nuclear power produces zero emissions. There France invests in six new nuclear reactors and we buy energy at a high price from the French. We are not very smart ”. A few days ago the Greens published a map with the places where, according to Action, which spoke of “fake news”, the new power plants could arise after Sogin’s progressive dismantling of the Triune (Piedmont), Caorso (Emilia Romagna), Latina (Lazio) and Garigliano (Campania). The Greens, of course, they are against. As well as the Democratic Party, for which building new nuclear power plants would not help Italy to abandon fossil fuels, and the M5s, which does not even want incinerators. Who agrees with the center right is the Third pole. Last June Carlo Calenda had presented a motion in the Senate to ask the government that nuclear power be reintroduced among the sources used by our country to produce energy, proposing the construction of eight new power plants. The return of nuclear power to Italy it will depend on the outcome of the vote of 25 September.

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