Registrations are open for the 1882 Maldon Salt Cocktail Contest Italy

Registrations are open for the 1882 Maldon Salt Cocktail Contest Italy
Registrations are open for the 1882 Maldon Salt Cocktail Contest Italy
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Creating an original drink recipe that contains the prized English salt, the challenge to young bartenders launched by Maldon and Planet One. Registration open until October 2nd

Create an original cocktail characterized by a very particular ingredient: Maldon salt. It is the challenge of 1882 Maldon Salt Cocktail Contestthe cocktail competition signed by the historic company Maldon.

The company celebrates its this year 140 years of businessan anniversary that he chose to celebrate with a contest that challenged the young bartenders to make her valuable salt protagonist also in mixing. Organized in collaboration with Montoscothe exclusive importer of Sale Maldon in Italy, e Planet Onecompetition in fact, it is aimed at the mixologists of the futurethat is to say to all classes of students in the bar or novice bartender who want to prove their creativity by trying their hand at creation of an original drink recipe with the famous sea salt with a typical pyramid shape, “crunchy” consistency and a delicate flavor.

How to participate

To take part in the race you need to register on competition site (where it is possible to view and download the complete regulation) by next October 2nd, by filling in the appropriate form with your personal data and the drink recipe (complete with ingredients, quantity, preparation technique) with relative photo. The cocktail must be an original creation of the competitor and for its realization there is no limit to the number of ingredients that you can use, but the recipe must necessarily contain Maldon Salt.


The race

All recipes will be subjected to the scrutiny of a selection jury who will choose the best 10. Their authors will compare in the live race scheduled for 11 October in Perugia, in a location still kept secret. Here the finalists, alternating behind the counter, will have 10 minutes of time for make three copies of their drink to be presented to the juryalso recounting its inspiration.

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The jury, made up of three mixology experts nominated by Planet One, will evaluate all creations based on taste and appearance, preparation technique And storytelling. The young bartender author of the best test will win the title of Italy representativedefending the colors of our country in the final ofInternational 1882 Maldon Salt Cocktail Contestwhere it will compare with contest champions from all over the world. In addition, the Italian winner will receive a Kit bar tools and a Mixology kit.

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