Genoa coastguard stops in luxury yacht port – Liguria

Genoa coastguard stops in luxury yacht port – Liguria
Genoa coastguard stops in luxury yacht port – Liguria
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Ship violates rules safeguarding human life at sea

(ANSA) – GENOA, 02 SEPT – Another ship has been subjected to administrative detention and therefore is ‘detained’ by the Genoa Coast Guard. This is the seventh out of forty ships inspected and the tenth in Ligurian ports. The 432-tonne commercial luxury yacht ‘Emocean’, delivered in 2021 and flying the flag of the Cayman Islands, has been arrested for violations of international standards on the protection of human life at sea and the safety of navigation.

The unit was identified for the Port State Control inspection following the checks carried out through the IT systems of the European Maritime Safety Agency Emsa and in use at the territorial commands of the Coast Guard. The unit was found to have never been inspected in the countries adhering to Paris Mou including all the countries of the European Union.

“The inspection lasted for the whole day – says one of the officers of the inspection team – during which various irregularities emerged including fire protection, emergency equipment and crew certification, as well as work safety at edge.

The inspection covered several areas of the yacht including the bridge, the engine room, the wheelhouse, the external decks and the spaces for the crew and passengers and concluded with a fire drill to verify the capacity. of the crew in emergency management. Before being able to be visited again by our inspectors and being authorized to return to sea, the yacht will have to rectify all irregularities and be subjected to inspection by the classification society and the flag authorities. “




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