Tony Hadley in Calabria “I will celebrate 40 years of career”

Tony Hadley in Calabria “I will celebrate 40 years of career”
Tony Hadley in Calabria “I will celebrate 40 years of career”
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GIZZERIA – Now in its ninth edition, the Caposuvero Prize, conceived and promoted by the Proloco di Gizzeria, returns to the evocative location of Torre dei Cavalieri tomorrow, September 3 at 9 pm. This new appointment will see among the winners prominent and prominent names that from legality, to social, entrepreneurship, culture, entertainment, represent those excellence which Calabria needs to break down stereotypes, prejudices, rotten, ugly, gaps. The award brings with it the value of knowledge and the contamination of strong messages and examples to look at so that, one day, even in this land the extraordinary becomes normality.

The evening will be divided into two parts: one dedicated to legality, which will have the environment and eco-crimes as its leitmotif, and the other, focused on beauty, stubbornness, the dream and vision of those who have decided to stay investing in and on it and of those he keeps alive the link with his homeland and becomes its ambassador.

The phrase by Leonida Repaci dominates everything, chosen as the emblem of the Award, which defines its meaning and outlines its value: “For me Calabria means a moral category before being a geographical expression. Calabrese, in its best metaphorical meaning, means Rupe, that is, character. It is the tower that the top never collapses due to the blowing of the winds ”.

– The Legality Award 2022 to Camillo Falvo, Prosecutor of the Republic of Vibo Valentia;
Legality & Environment Award to Silvio Greco, Vice President of the Anton Dorn Zoological Station;
Special Award it will be delivered to the DIA, Anti-Mafia Investigation Department, will be present Beniamino Fabrizio Fazio, Deputy Police Commissioner of the State.
Legality & Culture Award to Marisa Manzini, Deputy Prosecutor of the Republic of Catanzaro. Another recognition in the Legality section, to the Prefect Giuseppe Gaultieri, the one who arrested Bernardo Provenzano in the mobile pool in 2006.
Culture Award to the anthropologist and writer, Vito Teti;
Journalism to Manuela Conte, European Commission Official and European Commission Spokesperson in Italy.
– Two Awards to entrepreneurship to the Lanificio Leo in Soveria Mannelli and to the goldsmith, master, Vincenzo Riverso.
Medicine Prof Ciro Indolfi, (Director of the UOC of Cardiology – Hemodynamics – UTIC, Director of the Research Center for Cardiovascular Diseases of the Magna Graecia University, Catanzaro);
Social, the award goes to Luciana Loprete, President of IAPB Catanzaro and provincial FAND President. – Lifetime Achievement Award to the criminologist, prof Francesco Bruno and a special mention to the ‘Master Criminology of Calabria’, Promethes Training, present the scientific director, the criminologist, Sergio Caruso and the president Graziella Mazza.
– For Art & Entertainmentthe actress Annalisa Insardà and the young revelation Martina Antea Carelli will be awarded;
– For it Sporta special award for the AS Gruppo Underwater Paolano and then a Special Mention to Luigi Fazio, veteran football coach;
Calabresi Award abroad to the Cons. Amb. Giovanni Maria De Vita, Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Directorate General for Italian Foreign Affairs.

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The evening will end with the Special Mention to the National Unpli President Nino La Spina. Institutions, representatives of the political, social and business world will be present.

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