Ita Airways, regasification terminal in Piombino, seaside resorts: this is how the Draghi government helps Giorgia Meloni on the most difficult dossiers

Ita Airways, regasification terminal in Piombino, seaside resorts: this is how the Draghi government helps Giorgia Meloni on the most difficult dossiers
Ita Airways, regasification terminal in Piombino, seaside resorts: this is how the Draghi government helps Giorgia Meloni on the most difficult dossiers
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Between Mario Draghi and Giorgia Meloni there is an institutional relationship that some have described as a real direct line. Also because the current premier (outgoing) and the one in pectore call each other and advise each other. Sometimes even on the next ministers. But in recent times something more seems to stand out on the horizon. Because on some issues (Ita Airwaysregasification plant a Piombino, bathing) that would end up on the tables of the possible new Meloni government the executive of Super Mario instead it is accelerating. With the (probable) goal of arriving at a definition of dossier before the (possible) installation of the leader of the Brothers of Italy a Palazzo Chigi. And the result of removing the chestnuts from the fire right to her. Who does not seem to regret that much.

Affinity and convergence

And so while before the fall of Draghi Melons she was so suspicious of her resignation as to overshadow (it must be said) the “favors of darkness”, now the criticism of the executive is softer. Softened just as the election campaign in theory would recommend higher tones. But, as he explains today The printevidently also a via della Scrofa they are well aware that having some thorny issues already resolved before the new executive takes office would be a great advantage. As in the case of Ita Airways. When Draghi seemed inclined to say yes to the consortium formed by MSC Cruises And LufthansaMeloni thundered: “I hope that no hasty decisions are made, it is up to the new government.” Wondering why he wanted to sell himself to the “Germans”.

Then came the twist. The Ministry of Economy and Finance has initiated exclusive negotiations with the other consortium. The one made up of the American fund Certaresfrom Delta Airlines and from Air France-Klm. Whose offer guarantees greater control over the governance to the State, two seats on the next board of directors and the possibility of appointing the president. That is exactly what Meloni was asking for. And patience if in the meantime there are those, like the senator of Fdi Rampelscomplains about the preference not given to Italian entrepreneurs (i.e. Msc of Aponte, while until yesterday the consortium was “of the Germans”). And he promises appeals to the courts to stop everything. The leader’s voice did not make itself heard.

The challenge of the regasification plant

Then there is the challenge of Piombino regasification plant. Here a mayor of the Brothers of Italy, Francesco Ferrarihe fights to stop the work together with the left and the M5s. The work is necessary for gas throughout Italy. Draghi made it a point of honor. Fdi first tried to correct the mayor with Ignazio La Russa. Then she came Giorgia to explain that the plants “must be done, and they must be done in the time that has been defined because we must free ourselves from the dependence on Russian gas. Energy supply is a priority but we must talk very seriously about the role of the municipality and the compensation that goes to Piombino ». No more oppositions but compensations. A big jump.

Not only. The leader of Fdi has lined up for the decoupling of the price of gas from that of electricity and for price cap. In other words, two of Draghi’s workhorses. According to The print the decision-making calendar provides that the choice becomes practically irreversible when the new executive takes office. Here, too, Draghi will remove the chestnuts from the fire for Meloni and Salvini. And the compensations will come to make the territory swallow the pill. Perhaps attributing the choice of the time limit for the ship in front of the port. And another problem will be solved.

The bathers

Finally there are the bathing. The implementation of the Bolkestein directive is one of Europe’s conditions for NRP money. The Italian factories to be protected from the arrival of foreigners, they have been a workhorse of the League for years. Brothers of Italy joined the queue willingly. The new executive will have time to intervene on some details but the principle set by theEuropean Union and from State Council it cannot be touched. With all due respect to the associations.


Even if, the newspaper explains, Brothers of Italy (and also Palazzo Chigi) try to remove the emphasis from suggestions: “There is no rapprochement between Draghi and Meloni – says the senator Giovanbattista Fazzolari, party program manager -. In a crazy context like this, the fact that two normal and civilized people talk to each other makes them seem closer than they are. ” Sara. Meanwhile, in the electoral program of Fdi peeps also the excerpt of the folders up to 3 thousand euros. A measure very similar to one of the first measures of the Draghi government.

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