thus the Jubilee will change Rome

thus the Jubilee will change Rome
thus the Jubilee will change Rome
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Enhanced public transport and sustainable mobility, neighborhoods to be redeveloped and cleaned. That of Jubilee it is a decisive challenge for the transformation and development of the capital, which in these two years will play a good part in its future. In the dossier of the works to be carried out for 2025, which will arrive on the table of Palazzo Chigi by the middle of the month, there are the chosen guidelines. A list of interventions for 1.4 billion euros: among the underpasses of Piazza Pia, the complete pedestrianization of Via della Conciliazione, the underpass of Piazza Risorgimento towards the Vatican Museums, the redevelopment of jubilee sites (such as the areas of the Basilica of San Pietro and San Giovanni) or road maintenance, including that by Anas on the great road network, up to the last pieces of future tramways.

Rome, Jubilee: the operational plan within ten days, from mobility to the suburbs


Great attention is paid to the issue of mobility, in particular to the development of public transport. “The opening of the C metro stop at the Colosseum by 2024 will be very important”, reads a summary released by Palazzo Chigi. The station will have a double effect: in addition to extending the green line, which currently terminates in San Giovanni, it will create an interchange with metro B, right in the monumental heart of the Eternal City, with an obvious advantage for the movement of Romans, pilgrims and tourists to and from the historic center. The Campidoglio plan envisages the construction of tramways – at least the construction of the section from Termini to Largo Argentina of the Termini-Vatican-Aurelio (Tva) is expected by 2025 – and an extraordinary maintenance plan for metro A and B. «L ‘Atac will massively renew its fleet of cars ». With five million euros, the railway stations most used by pilgrims will be redeveloped, such as those of San Pietro, Ostiense and Porta San Paolo.


On the program there are redevelopment interventions in the areas surrounding the Vatican, in front of the basilicas and stations; but also the enhancement of the Forum area, within the framework of the new plan of the central archaeological area. With one million euros, Via della Conciliazione will be entirely pedestrianized, while in Piazza Risorgimento, with a commitment of 5 million, an underground car park and an underpass will be built that should take tourists to the Vatican museums. Also in the same piazza Pia will be inhibited to vehicular traffic: underneath, with 70 million, a tunnel will be built that will connect with that of Via Gregorio VII. Via Ottaviano (4 million) will also be pedestrianized and the Gelsomino promenade at San Pietro station will be restored (2 million). Thirty million will then be allocated for a new lighting. With 48 million of funds for the Holy Year, the Municipality will try to unblock the works of the Congress bridge. An integration of 20 million will then be used for the Scafa bridge and another million for the Industry bridge. Other points: the creation and redevelopment of pedestrian access routes to the city, the activation of participation processes in the suburbs; the refurbishment of the Tor Vergata area and the enhancement of cleaning and decoration activities.


Particular attention will also be dedicated to the renovation of public green spaces, through the creation of parks overlooking the Tiber and the redevelopment of the green in some historic villas. “A new Youth Hostel will also be set up, because a large number of pilgrims will be made up of girls and boys, who will witness the jubilee hope en masse – reads the guidelines of the plan – Social services will be strengthened, because the last and most disadvantaged people can in turn bear witness to hope, so that it really takes shape ».



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