Price increases, the alarm is red: “Sicily does not hold up like this, 19 thousand jobs at risk”

Price increases, the alarm is red: “Sicily does not hold up like this, 19 thousand jobs at risk”
Price increases, the alarm is red: “Sicily does not hold up like this, 19 thousand jobs at risk”
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«The South cannot withstand the shock wave of energy price increases, here the entire social system is likely to blow up. Families and businesses. The entrepreneurs of the South re-launch the echo of the cry of pain that started yesterday from the companies of the North ».

The alarm was raised by Alessandro Albanese, president of Confindustria Sicilia, who spoke on behalf of all 8 Confindustria of the South. «The companies of the South have so far resisted, heroically, eroding their margins. But the uncontrollable increases in the costs of energy, gas, fuel, yet another storm will be the final blow – he adds – We are facing dramatic times and companies cannot be alone. A clear, convinced and drastic intervention by the government is urgently needed, otherwise an entire national social system, which is already beginning to crumble, will skip. Every day that passes more and more entrepreneurs are forced to stop production because they are crushed by extra energy costs. And for every business that stops, a supply chain weakens. The use of the redundancy fund has doubled. And if so far the increases have affected businesses, now the inflationary pressure will violently bend consumer prices ». “There is no more space to study alternatives, there is no more time to wait. The necessary measures are immediately taken: it is urgent to stop the rush of gas and electricity prices. The price cap is urgent, the gas price cap ”, Albanese argues, who, in line with the proposals of the president of Confindustria Carlo Bonomi, urges“ the issue of the need to secure our country and keep the industry competitive ”.

The estimates for the next few months, in Sicily alone, also worry Confcommercio, which speaks of 6,500 companies at risk that would lead to the loss of about 19,000 jobs.

The numbers were pitted by the regional president of Confcommercio Sicilia, Gianluca Manenti, and by the national vice president of Confcommercio, Patrizia Di Dio, who is also the provincial president of Confcommercio Palermo to the prefect of Palermo, Giuseppe Forlani. It was Forlani himself who summoned the regional leaders of the trade association after the letter sent in recent days by Confcommercio to the nine prefects of the island.

«We have clarified how the forecasts for the next few months – said Manenti and Di Dio – are extremely complicated, at times tragic for the future of the sectors. According to data provided to us by the Confcommercio Study Center, the price of electricity will rise by 82.3%. The increase in expenditure related to energy of 464 million euros, only for our island as regards the last year, is an increase that will inevitably affect the life of families and their consumption and that will affect the activity of companies, some of which have already communicated that they cannot find other solutions other than those related to the closure. We thank the prefect Forlani for the attention he has paid to the productive world, in a very difficult period, also in terms of interlocutions, due to the all-encompassing electoral campaign in progress. The prefect of Palermo has shown that he is very sensitive on the subject and has reassured us that he, even together with the other prefects of the island, will show this state of extreme malaise to the national government ».

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Manenti and Di Dio continue: «The upward trend in prices does not show credible signs of a slowdown. Despite some sporadic and occasional downsizing, inflation, even in Sicily, has now been growing for more than a year, reaching 8.6% (8.4 in Italy) trend in August, which translates into a +9, 2% (9% in Italy) if the phenomenon is measured according to the metric of the harmonized index “.


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