Elections, the direct – Income, Berlusconi: “It must be reformulated not eliminated”. Salvini: “Rapists and drug dealers? Treat them as murderers”

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1 Sep 2022


Conte: “Those who dare to question rcd will have to deal with us”

“Whoever dares to question the citizenship income will have to deal with us”. The president of the 5-star Movement Giuseppe Conte says this in San Giovanni Rotondo. “Anyone who earns 500 euros a day and says they want to take 500 euros a month away from those who don’t have anything to eat carries out an unworthy operation, which we will never allow. We can work to improve active policies, we can fight fraud that is minimal, but we do not allow ourselves to be fooled by this media hype ”, adds Conte.

1 Sep 2022


Berlusconi: “Citizenship income must be changed but not eliminated”

“The decision is to change, to reshape the citizenship income, which we do not want to eliminate, we want to change it. It must remain with the people who are poor and to whom it has given the possibility to live. Instead, we must try to change the situation with young people, who perhaps taking 500-600 euros, stay at home even if they are supported by their parents, are on the sofa watching television and are not looking for a job. We must offer these young people different opportunities ”. This was stated by the leader of Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconi, interviewed tonight in Forehand and backhand on Rete4, taking a different stance than the center-right allies. “We thought – says Berlusconi – to give the entrepreneurs who will hire young people, with a permanent contract, with a first employment contract, with an apprenticeship contract, to give the complete abolition of taxes, a tax relief and a complete decontribution” .

1 Sep 2022


Meloni: “Me in Chigi? My wrists are shaking but I’m very determined “

In a few weeks at Palazzo Chigi? “I admit that my wrists tremble at the idea, but I am also a very determined and courageous person. And that’s enough for me. The only thing I’m not willing to do is compromise ”. Giorgia Meloni responds to the question of the director of Tg2 Gennaro Sangiuliano: “Also because – adds the leader of the Brothers of Italy – after 30 years of doing politics we would go to the government at the worst moment regarding the astral situation”.

1 Sep 2022


Letta: “Pd first party among young people”

“I am very happy because the poll released today gives us the first party between 18-24 years old. I am convinced that they, the young people, will be the point of change in this electoral campaign ”. Thus Enrico Letta a Sky Tg24.

1 Sep 2022


Letta: “Italy has no short memory, let’s not go back to bankruptcy 2011”

“To those who say ‘let’s try everything’, we must remember that the Italian right has ruled this country for many years. The last time the right ruled was with Silvio Berlusconi. That government lasted three years and in those three years it managed to bring down the Italian wealth by three percentage points and to raise the public debt by ten percentage points and the minister of youth policies, Giorgia Meloni, has made youth unemployment rise from the 21% to 31% in three years “. This was said by the secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta, opening the party of Unity in Milan.

1 Sep 2022


Meloni: “I’m not telling you lies, Italy is not in good shape”

“We are not interested in provocations, I do not tell you lies about the current Italian situation … We are not in good shape, no … It is not an easy time, but I think that with a little courage and good will, we can reverse the trend”. Giorgia Meloni said this tonight at an electoral rally in Perugia.

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1 Sep 2022


Salvini: “Rapists and drug dealers must be treated as murderers”

“For me the rapist and the drug dealer should be treated like the murderer: it is necessary to expel too many illegal immigrants who are in Italy to commit a crime”. Matteo Salvini said this on the sidelines of a rally in Piacenza, in the gardens near the station, recalling the rape of a woman in the city a few days ago for which an asylum seeker was arrested.

1 Sep 2022


Salvini: “Pharmacological intervention for those who rape”

“If someone rapes, if someone rapes a woman or a child, as far as I’m concerned, beyond re-education, it would take pharmacological intervention to prevent him from raping for the rest of his days.” The secretary of the Lega Matteo Salvini said this in Piacenza. “Then for heaven’s sake, every crime is serious, but when one puts his hands on a woman or a child, talking about recovery for these subjects becomes very complicated,” he added.

1 Sep 2022


Read in Milan: “Let’s start the comeback from here to change the polls”

“Let’s start from Milan the comeback that will take us to 25 September and convince the Italians to change the polls and forecasts that today give the winning center-right”. This was said by the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, on the sidelines of the opening of the Festa dell’Unità in Milan, the college in which he applied. “We will do it first of all with the vote of young people who have already shown that they are in favor of us. And then we will talk with the undecided, with the many abstentionists who are there: I am convinced that we will convince them with the goodness of our proposals ”, he said.

1 Sep 2022


Carfagna: “The CDMs of the center-right government would be a continuous fight”

“I imagine the Councils of Ministers with FdI, Forza Italia and the Lega and I imagine them as a continuous scuffle, with measures that would break public costs with Italy exposed to speculation”. This was stated by the Minister for the South and Territorial Cohesion, Mara Carfagna, exponent of Action, to Metropolis on Repubblica Tv. “I want to see the first Cdm of the center-right with Salvini, Meloni, Forza Italia and the others. If you were to vote for support for Ukraine, what does Salvini do? He leaves the Council of Ministers and causes a government crisis. On the flat tax which flat tax passes the exorbitant cost aside? Even if Meloni wins and wins, they are complicated allies that are difficult to manage ”.

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