Silk Faw in Reggio Emilia, the Bassi manager: “There are delays but the project goes on”

Silk Faw in Reggio Emilia, the Bassi manager: “There are delays but the project goes on”
Silk Faw in Reggio Emilia, the Bassi manager: “There are delays but the project goes on”
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Katia Bassi, managing director of Silk-Faw

“The project goes on and the total investment has been confirmed.” Katia Bassi is managing director of Silk-Faw, the Sino-American joint venture that a year and a half ago announced a 1 billion investment to build a maxi plant in Reggio Emilia to produce luxury electric sports hypercars. In recent weeks, however, the project seems to have stopped at stake. The request for formal notice was received by some employees who denounce the non-payment of salaries, a quarter of delay for the rental of the offices and finally an investigation by the judiciary with a file against unknown persons to assess any tax crimes after the complaint of the Reggio deputy of the Brothers of Italy, Gianluca Vinci. And then there is the policy with the Region and the Municipality on a rampage, the Five Stars of Reggio asking for a commission and also the Bolognese candidate of Action, Marco Lombardo, who asked for an account in viale Aldo Moro. “There is some delay compared to what was estimated. The international context is complex but the project is moving forward and we are convinced that it is capable of attracting investors “, says the manager who in the curriculum boasts important positions in Lamborghini, in the NBA, at Inter, Ferrari and Aston Martin. Bassi – who was included by Forbes among the 100 successful Italian women – defends the investment and confirms that it will be made.

Are the Silk-Faw project and the billion dollar investment at risk?
«The project goes on, albeit with some delay compared to what was planned. The global investment spread over the long term remains unchanged, as confirmed by the major shareholder Jonathan Krane ».

What are the reasons for late paychecks? When do you think you will be able to resolve the issue?
«Silk Sports car is a private company, which counts on its own funds and like every start-up, or as has happened over time, to more consolidated companies than ours, it is going through a momentary slowdown. We are working with the investor so that the necessary funds will arrive shortly to be able to restart and also heal the internal situation ».

You promised to close the operation by August. Why weren’t you able to meet that deadline?
“The complex international context has slowed down the flow of investments, but the project is of great interest and we believe it can continue to attract investors interested in the tech segment”.

C.dare you tell the workers that they have sued for non-payments?
«Most of the people in the company still believe in the project and none of them have ever stopped working hard on the development of the cars that will be produced in Gavassa. And for this I and my colleagues in the top management are extremely grateful ».

How do you assess the investigation by the Reggio Public Prosecutor’s Office on any tax crimes?
“We made ourselves available to the competent magistrate as soon as we learned of the investigation in the newspapers. We want the matter to be clarified as soon as possible and our image to remain clean, as we believe we deserve ».

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