employees will be transferred or fired

employees will be transferred or fired
employees will be transferred or fired
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The Alival dairy located in San Gregorioafferent to Castelli groupowned by the French multinational Lactalis, where they are currently employed 79 male and female workerswill close but not before March 30, 2023. Nothing will be done before then dismissal that, in any case, as soon as the picture of transfers is outlined, it will concern those who do not choose to go to work outside Calabria, in the proposed Group plants.

The decision on the closure, already confirmed at the last institutional meeting in Rome, has in fact opened a new phase of the dispute relating to the social plan to protect employees that agree to move elsewhere and those who, hoping for a buyer of the Reggio plant (another area on which trade unions and institutions continue to work), they hope to be able to stay in Reggio with a job.

The framework of first tools for a socially responsible management of the industrial plan in view of the termination of employment contracts announced but that would take place no earlier than March 30, 2023, for employees who decide not to move in the other positions indicated by the Group, he was at the center ofmeeting yesterday afternoon in Milan.

The meeting in Milan

THE representatives of Alival spa, assisted by Unione Italia Foodmet with representatives of the national secretariats of the trade unions of Flai Cgil, Fai Cisl and Uila Uil, and territorial delegates Nicola Rodi and Antonino Zema, respectively general secretary Flai Cgil Reggio Calabria and deputy general secretary Fai Cisl Reggio Calabria. Absent for health reasons, Antonio Zavettieri, regional secretary Uila Uil Calabria.

After confirming the decision of cease productive activity of the Alival dairy located in San Gregorio in Reggio, the only one of the group in Calabria, where they are currently employed 79 male and female workers, and after i two meetings held at the institutional headquarters of the Conference of the Regions, the company has come to Milan with different proposals for therelocation to other factories in Italy, showing the willingness to also consider specific situations of workers, in the presence of professional compatibility and technical-organizational needs, and to activate a series of economic aid for those who will move.


The satisfaction of the trade unions

They say the Reggio unions satisfied that talk about «the start of an important path in which the company is demonstrating its participation in a very constructive and responsible way. Though there were no openings to avoid closurewe must register avery significant opening on the front of the measures put in place to favor transfers and not to dismiss. The group of employees who may decide to move out to occupy one of the vacant positions at other Lactalis plants, is prevalent and possibilities are emerging for them also thanks to the willingness shown by the well-established company such as Galbani. We will continue – they declare Nicola Rodi and Antonino Zema, respectively general secretary Flai Cgil Reggio Calabria and deputy general secretary Fai Cisl Reggio Calabria – to dialogue to guarantee i rights of male and female workers and in parallel we will also deal with protect those who would like to stay and that therefore counts on the permanence of the plant in Reggio, albeit with another owner. For them, in particular, we will still have to think about some sums, for example, relating to a recognition for the thirty-three months of sacrifice in a solidarity regime ».

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Protection also for those who want to stay or cannot move

«We know that is there any possible buyer for the Reggio plant but for this we will have to support institutions in the path to be taken, prompting them right away. Even with respect to this path theCompany has already secured support. We would like to ask for one already next week meeting with acting mayors Carmelo Versace and Paolo Brunetti, respectively of the Municipality and Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria, and with the vice president of the Calabria Region, Giuseppina Princi, to realize this process too, which is equally strategic for safeguarding employment levels ”, they announce Nicola Rodi and Antonino Zema, respectively general secretary Flai Cgil Reggio Calabria and deputy general secretary Fai Cisl Reggio Calabria.

The Company’s commitment as an alternative to layoffs

Black on white the company is committed to recognizing the employees who opt for the relocation to the other Lactalis plants distributed between Tuscany, Lombardy and Emilia Romagna and Sicily, precisely in Porcari, Collecchio, Milan, Reggio Emilia, Ragusa and, for the personnel involved in the production and packaging also at Galbani production sites, at the Casale Cremasco, Certosa and Corteolona plants, in Lombardy, a contribution of 9 thousand euros gross for housing costs, spread over three annuitiesand in addition a flat-rate contribution to expenses from 3 thousand euros gross. In addition, Alival is also committed to guaranteeing the reimbursement, upon presentation of fiscally valid receipts, the costs of moving, fitting furniture and family travel, up to a maximum, including the aforementioned contributions, of 19 thousand euros gross. There is also a contribution of 5 thousand euros gross per year, for four years, for those who opt for commuting, favoring relocation but without transfer of residence. This on the front of the relocation. Also provided for economic commitments also on the front of the non-opposition to dismissal and for theoutplacement, that is consultancy services to accompany people leaving the company. The plan obviously affects everyone 149 employees involved in the dispute: 79 in Reggio Calabria, 68 in Ponte Buggianese and 2 in Borgo Santa Rita.

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