do not lose contact from the Ogura-Fernandez – OA Sport train

do not lose contact from the Ogura-Fernandez – OA Sport train
do not lose contact from the Ogura-Fernandez – OA Sport train
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It is not exactly right to call it one three-way raceas it would imply excluding a pilot who is always potentially dangerous like Aron Canetbut the feeling is that the current ones will be competing for the title (at least, right now) first three drivers in the standings for the Moto2: Ai Ogura (183 points), Augusto Fernandez (182) and Celestino Vietti (156) with Canet chasing at an altitude of 137.

In view of the next round of the World Championship in that of Misanofor the Grand Prix of San Marino and the Rimini Rivierathe blue driver can only have one clear goal: win points hoping therefore in the victory of the Grand Prix so as not to let those who precede him escape in the standings.

In the event of a victory of one between Ogura and Fernandez for Vietti, the speech would become even more complicated: although there is little time left for the end of the season and everything can still change, even psychologically the blue could suffer the blow, as well as the increase of the gap in the standings.

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On the other hand, however, the psychological aspect of this appointment should not be underestimated: Celestino Vietti will be able to take advantage of the support of his fans being a race housewifeand if on the one hand there may be more pressure, on the other the public certainly gives that extra boost to the drivers on the track.

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What is certain is that, as in any MotoGP event, we will hardly be bored, even more so in a Grand Prix in the ‘Bel Paese’ which almost never disappoints expectations.

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