stop to the Ionian investment on the former Albini

stop to the Ionian investment on the former Albini
stop to the Ionian investment on the former Albini
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If not downhill, the path that should have led to the industrial reconversion of the Albini plant in Mottola, in the province of Taranto, seemed at least flat.

The setback

From a site that produced high-end shirting fabrics to the construction of electrical and mechanical components to regulate the positioning of armchairs and sofas. This, at least, was the new project announced by the Motion Italia group. Instead nothing. Setback, sudden and unexpected stop. Motion Italia withdraws from Mottola, backs off and leaves the Albini plant and its workers (114, currently on layoffs until the end of the year) in the middle of the ford. Everything has matured in the last few hours. And so we went from the wave of optimism of 11 August, the date of the last meeting at the work and employment task force of the Puglia Region, to the unknown. Motion had announced that it would invest around 30 million in Mottola, also accessing development contracts, a measure refinanced by the Mise for around 3 billion.

The trade unions

“On Wednesday evening – he explains to Quotidiano Francesco Bardinella of Filctem Cgil – we received a phone call from the entrepreneur Albini who informed us that he had received a letter from Motion Italia in which the latter announces its withdrawal from the Mottola operation. Motion sent the letter to Albini and the Puglia Region. Not to trade union organizations. However, we received confirmation of the existence of the letter and its contents from the president of the regional task force, Leo Caroli, whom we immediately alerted ”. “Motion Italia – continues Bardinella – motivated the step backwards with the difficulties of the market, the general uncertainties also due to the protraction of the war and the high energy costs. So a problem of context and costs ”. “But this scenario – Bardinella observes – was also there on 11 August, when we met with the Region, and the company, at that location, confirmed the investment in Mottola, giving us another appointment for 5 September”. “Now – adds Bardinella – we will ask for a new meeting to all the parties involved to verify what happened. We must immediately return to the table in the Region ”.
“A cold shower, an unexpected thing,” he comments to Quotidiano the coordinator of Uil Taranto, Piero Pallini. “Much more than less than a month ago, in the comparison in the Region – says Pallini -, not only had Motion confirmed the industrial investment in numbers, employees and production, but also made it clear that it was at ease by coming to this area. What actually happened in such a short time is to be well understood and ascertained. This must necessarily be done by the Region ”. “We would not like – concludes the Uil exponent – that an attempt was underway by Motion Italia to obtain better conditions: from the price of the plant to be acquired to the incentives to carry out the project”.

“There Femca Cisl – declares the secretary Marcello De Marco – asked for the urgent reopening of the Sepac regional table ”, the work task force of the Puglia Region, given that“ for the next 5th September the company and the trade unions had arranged to meet for the definition of a program agreement ”. For Femca Cisl, “the first objective is to extend the layoff period for at least another year and to move the dispute to the Mise, asking for the direct and decisive intervention of the Ministry also to understand what could be the real reasons for the possible and if there is still room to reopen the negotiations for reindustrialisation ”. Femca Cisl declares that Motion Italia currently has “two production plants in North Vietnam and South China with 650 total employees”. “With 34 million planned and the contextual search for industrial partners”, Motion’s investment in Tarantino, notes the CISL, “would have been its first European plant for the construction of electronic mechanisms and actuators for the movement of armchairs and chairs. of sofas at the service of European manufacturers in the sector “. And Motion, notes the CISL, already collaborates “with the most important”. “Not knowing the latest determinations of the company – says De Marco – and least of all the reasons for a possible turnaround, other than the current situation of uncertainty in the European and international markets due to the energy crisis and speculation on the costs of materials first, considering his clear decision to invest in Italy as well, we hope that the Ionian territory will be more attractive than others with equal social and occupational suffering “.

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The reverse

To announce months ago that there was a company, Motion precisely, interested in taking over from Albini – which for months has stopped the activity in Mottola and put the company “Tessitura di Mottola” into liquidation -, was Senator Mario Turco, vice president of M5S, former undersecretary to the presidency of the Council in the Conte II government. Turco’s first initiatives were also taken, including that of bringing to Mottola, for a meeting in early June with Albino workers, the deputy minister Mise Alessandra Todde, also of the M5S. The same Turco, like the trade unionists, had then expressed confidence in the negotiations between Albini and Motion in the aftermath of the meeting on 11 August where Motion itself had specified the development times of the project once Albini acquired the Mottola plant. . That is, 4-5 months for the revamping and about a year to build a new 5,000-meter warehouse for the expansion phase of the activity, while the total re-absorption of the workers would have taken place in about 13 months. But all of this is now overshadowed by a big question mark.

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