M5S, here are the candidates in Tuscany. Bonafede: “A strong team because we keep our promises”

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A “strong and cohesive” team, made up of people who “keep their promises” and who work with “honesty, competence and heart”: this is the identikit of Tuscan candidates of the Movimento5Stelle emerged on the occasion of the presentation event at the literary Caffè delle Murate in Florence, organized by the Movimento5Stelle Toscana under the coordination of the referent Irene Galletti, group leader of the Movimento5Stelle in the regional council.

“The Italians at this moment are afraid and for this reason they deserve to feel the closeness of the state. We will make sure that this is the case with a strong team ”he began Alfonso Bonafede, former Minister of Justice, recalling that the many rules approved during his mandate as Keeper of the Seals – from the red code to the corrupt sweeping rule – “have changed people’s lives, demonstrating that the M5S knows how to stay close to citizens and keep promises”. “In the years of government we have done a lot. Now I’m going back to the job I love, that of a lawyer, but the path continues ”concluded Bondafede.

“After two terms, in compliance with the rules we have set ourselves, Alfonso and I will not reapply, but we will remain at the disposal of the Movement and accompany the new activists in their growth path, transmitting to them what we have learned” he added Laura Bottici, Senator and Quaestor of the Senate. “These elections will be a watershed. The Italians must decide whether to continue on the path of reforms started thanks to the resources of the PNRR arrived thanks to President Conte or whether to rely on a conservative, sovereign, nostalgic but above all ambiguous and contradictory party. We present ourselves to the voters with a list of the many things done, with a boom in new memberships for the Movement, with our courage and our passion ”added Senator Ettore Licheri.

Bonafede, Bottici, Licheri, Ricciardi

“We are growing and I am sure that we will be the positive surprise of the elections on 25 September” he began Riccardo Ricciardi, vice president of the Movimento5Stelle and also a candidate in his Tuscany. “We have fought and are struggling to counter the choices that national politics and the regional government are trying to make from above on Tuscany against the will of the citizens: I am thinking of the expansion of the Coltano base, which is part of a mad rush to increase in military spending incurred by practically all parties and which fortunately we have managed to avert; and I think of the regasification plant in Piombino, a wrong answer for collation and timing. The emergency of energy costs and expensive bills must be addressed with other tools. Which? First of all, the recovery of the 9 billion extra profits lost on the street by the Draghi government ”declared Ricciardi.

“We fought from the opposition benches and then governed this country, achieving great results: income and citizenship pension for over one and a half million households below the poverty line, the Superbonus that raised the fortunes of construction and generated a + 6% of GDP, the Salvamare law, the law on energy communities, the prison for large tax evaders. With the help of the civic world we want to continue this path, our candidates “concluded Irene Galletti who, in the role of hostess, presented the” list “of the Movimento5Stelle Toscana.

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Name and surname



Andrea Barbagli

Senate U1

Grosseto, Siena, Arezzo

Valeria Marrocco

U2 Senate

Livorno, Pisa + municipalities Viareggio, Camaiore, Massarosa

Manuela Bellandi

Senate U3

Massa-Carrara, Lucca, Pistoia and Prato

Claudio Cantella

Senate U4

Metropolitan city of Florence

Luca Giacomelli

Room U1

Grosseto, Siena

Elda Baldi

U2 room

Massa-Carrara, municipalities of Camaiore, Forte dei Marmi, Massarosa, Pietrasanta, Seravezza, Stazzema and Viareggio.

Marco Cresci

Room U3

Lucca, part of Pistoia

Claudio Loconsole

Room U4

Pisa and the municipality of Fucecchio

Source Star

Room U5

Province of Livorno

Chiara Bartalini

Room U6

Province of Prato, part of Pistoia, Mugello

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Andrea QUartini

Room U7

Florence city

Maria Letizia Magnelli

Room U8

Empoli and the southern metropolitan city

Tommaso Pierazzi

Room U9

Arezzo, municipalities of Incisa and Reggello


Name and surname



Ettore Licheri

Senate P01

All of Tuscany

Manuela Bellandi

Gianluca Ferrara

Donatella Bonciani

Riccardo Ricciardi

Room P01

Massa-Carrara, Lucca, Prato, North Florence

Chiara Bartalini

Maurizio Gori

Fiammetta Tavosanis

Riccardo Ricciardi

Room P02

Livorno, Grosseto, Siena and Arezzo

Source Star

Luca Migliorino

Flavia Sandoiu

Andrea Quartini

Room P03

Pisa, Florence, Scandicci

Francesca Censini

Luca Lauricella

Aurora Bartoli

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