I book health, Christmas: “You can choose whether to cross Liguria or not to take the exams”. I Totiani: “Better than going outside the region”

I book health, Christmas: “You can choose whether to cross Liguria or not to take the exams”. I Totiani: “Better than going outside the region”
I book health, Christmas: “You can choose whether to cross Liguria or not to take the exams”. I Totiani: “Better than going outside the region”
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“In recent days, with great emphasis, the regional councilor for health Toti announced that there is a big news for Ligurian citizens: they can fix the appointments of their visits and their exams at all the ASL of Liguria. ‘Even if not under the house, the Ligurian health system guarantees in most cases visits and examinations on schedule’, the commissioner had always added. As if it were possible for a pensioner who needs care to move easily from Imperia to Spezia or go to the Genoese facilities. Whoever thinks these things is completely disconnected from reality ”. Thus the regional councilor of the Democratic Party Davide Natale intervenes on the launch of the direct booking system made available to the Ligurians by the Region.

“Many citizens – resumes Natale – have great difficulty in going to the health centers present at the ASL of reference, it is unthinkable that they can move from Imperia to Tigullio for an eye examination or from Spezia to Imperia for a gynecological examination or from Imperia to the Tigullio for an eye examination as in Savona they should wait 232 days and in Genoa 434, not to mention the Ligurians who have to undergo a colonoscopy who have to wait for November 2023 in the only center that accepts, to date, reservations which is the one based in Asl 4. For a brain magnetic resonance a patient from La Spezia if he wants to go closer must wait 479 days, that is December 2023, and, in any case, travel a few hundred kilometers, to go to the ASL 4 or, if he wants to speed up the examination, must move to Genoa. While the only way to book that type of exam for a citizen of Imperia is to do it in Genoa, as reservations are closed in Savona. For an examination that should be the basis of diagnostics. The center where spirometry is performed in the shortest time is in Sarzana (65 days). If a patient from the Ponente does not want to wait for the 202 average days in Savona, she has to cross the whole region ”.
“A health organization unable to give answers to citizens and that not even the most extreme propaganda is able to mask all its limits. The theme is always the same. There are visits and exams that have answers that can come from external private supports and others that instead remain exclusively public as they are not attractive to private investors and therefore there are no structures with which to make accreditation or convention contracts. But this is a sanity that we don’t want. This is the plan of this council that we fight. Health is not a market. Health is a right ”, concludes Natale.

The now traditional replica of the Totian circle is ready in defense of the work of the president and councilor for health, Giovanni Toti.
“Of course, a Christmas comment on health care was also missing. Probably in the rush to take a place in the sun like the center-left colleagues, he found a random topic and tried to focus a controversy on it. He pity the service works well and evidently he hasn’t even tried to get to know him. And we are not talking about details, but about the entire use and operation. Let’s start from the beginning. Christmas – they reply – says the Prenoto Salute platform forcing citizens to move from one end of Liguria to the other in order to take exams. Meanwhile, he does not know that, for now, the service only covers radiological visits. The goal is to extend the service to other services as well, but for now we are experimenting, with success, only this type of booking. Then, “forget” that the system asks where you prefer to visit, making you choose the preferred location. Again, it omits that the Liguria Region was among the first to open the agendas between healthcare companies: with the CUP service you can call to check if there is room elsewhere to anticipate the exam you need. The new Prenoto Salute system is simply an evolution that will speed up times. Finally, we ask ourselves which Christmas we should talk to: whether with the one who complains because the Ligurians would be forced to go to health tourism outside the region for lack of offer of services, or with the Christmas that complains because the Ligurians themselves would suddenly not be able to instead move within the Region, making fewer kilometers. So, to be able to have his say and criticize health care, regardless, he gives yet another out of tune in a concert that has been going on for some time between sticks and clumsy solos “.

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