Investments in Calabria: what is there to know?

Investments in Calabria: what is there to know?
Investments in Calabria: what is there to know?
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Calabria, located at the far end of the boot, is one of the most beautiful and diversified regions of the country. From its stunning coastline to its lush inland areas, there are investment opportunities in all types of sectors, from agriculture to tourism. Naturally, the real estate sector also offers opportunities that are invaluable to say the least, also due to the presence of prices below the national averages. So let’s find out together in which sectors it is possible to invest in Calabria.

Real estate sector

The real estate sector is one of the most interesting in Calabria in terms of investment, also because prices are still very low compared to the rest of the country. In addition, there are many incentives for those who want to invest in the construction sector, such as tax breaks and subsidies. In the Calabrian hinterland it is possible to find real real estate deals, excellent for those who want to buy a house to rent to families and workers. Then there are some cities that stand out from the others: for example, it is possible to find many houses for sale in Cosenza with competitive prices. Of course the most sought after areas are undoubtedly those close to the coast, and here the prices rise, considering that we are talking about purely tourist areas.

Agricultural sector

The agricultural sector is also rich in investment opportunities. In fact, there are many tax incentives for those who want to invest in this sector, considered as one of the most important in Calabria, and with an exponential growth curve. The most interesting products to invest in are certainly olive oil and wine, two excellences of Calabria that are exported all over the world. Furthermore, in recent years, the organic farming sector has gained more and more ground, given the growing demand for natural and healthy products.

Research and innovation

In Calabria there are numerous universities and public or private research institutes that are constantly working on new scientific projects. This sector is also supported by the regional government, which provides various incentives for those who want to invest in this area. Furthermore, the region is home to many innovative startups that are developing new technologies in various sectors. Consequently, sectors such as scientific and technological research and innovation must be carefully evaluated by those who wish to invest in Calabria.

Other investment opportunities in Calabria

In addition to the sectors we have mentioned, there are other interesting investment opportunities in Calabria. We are talking, for example, of the sector of renewable energy sources, constantly growing all over the world, or of the aforementioned agricultural sector, which here can count on almost unique opportunities and climatic conditions. The latter is particularly important in a region like Calabria, rich in typical products and food and wine excellences. We could not fail to mention other sectors such as infrastructure and transport, together with cultural and environmental heritage, and the social sector.

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From real estate to agriculture, from research and innovation to renewable energy, the options for those who want to invest in this region are numerous. Of course, each sector has its own peculiarities and characteristics, which must be carefully evaluated before making any decision, but the study of the market is part of the game.

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