Giulia, Alessia and Sonia, three young broken lives

Giulia, Alessia and Sonia, three young broken lives
Giulia, Alessia and Sonia, three young broken lives
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“Still pain for Castenaso” reads a Facebook post. In a post of few words about the tragedies that have upset the town of Bologna.

Sonia Fabbri, 36, at dawn on 31 August lost her life in via Massarenti, while on a scooter she went to work, and left her partner Alessandro and son Daniele, her parents and her sister alone. As emerges from the reconstructions, a van would have invaded the opposite lane, “finding” Sonia on her way. A tremendous impact that left her no way out.

Accident at dawn: a 36-year-old woman died | VIDEO

A tragedy that shocked everyone: Alessia and Giulia Pisanu, two sisters aged 17 and 15, overwhelmed by a High Speed ​​train on the platforms of the Riccione station, on 1 August, after an evening spent on the Romagna Riviera.

Thus the small community of Madonna di Castenaso was able to cling to the family of Giulia and Alessia | PHOTO

And then there is Alessia Grimaldi of Castel Maggiore. She was 23 and died on the evening of August 27 on the A14, between Bologna San Lazzaro and Castel San Pietro. Her car stopped on the road due to a breakdown, and was hit by another vehicle.

The pain of Castenaso

And the community of Castenaso finds itself dealing with the drama, with the agony of families and one of the ways to be close to those who are left is Facebook: “Still pain for Castenaso”, wrote a citizen, a post that sums up the wounds: “An unjust death is a death that takes us all. To the stomach, to the brain, to every organ and then … it reaches the heart. You are not alone, because we are all parents, all children, all, women and men of the same flesh, the same blood. The same will to live “writes another person.

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Giulia and Alessia, the daughters of all of us

Massarenti fatal accident: “Enough, zone 30 throughout the city must be done now”

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