two art exhibitions at the Madonna dell’Arco Sanctuary

two art exhibitions at the Madonna dell’Arco Sanctuary
two art exhibitions at the Madonna dell’Arco Sanctuary
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“Fortresses, Fortresses and Castles in Campania” and in the presence of “Frederick II of Swabia Stupor Mundi” at the Madonna dell’Arco Sanctuary

From 7 to 22 September 2022the Cultural Laboratory “Campania Beauty of Creation”located in the Sanctuary Madonna dell’Arco of Sant’Anastasia (NA), will host two connected events at the same time. How could the stone giants not be told by Giuseppe Ottaiano’s “images as travel notes” and the wooden sculptures by Gustavo Delugan, dedicated to the figure and life of the Emperor Frederick?

Anyone who has encountered the story of Frederick II, even in passing, knows that he had, among his priorities, the defense of the borders of the vast territory he governed and, starting from his beloved Puglia, passing through Campania and Basilicata and away up to the North, he built or restored fortresses and castles that could serve as a defense but also, as in the case of Castel del Monte, as a buen retiro for a man who, besides the empire and beautiful women, loved the arts, hunting and science. The Terre di Campania APS Association promotes the event, shared with the Dominican Community of the Madonna dell’Arco Sanctuary and with the Prior Father Gianpaolo Pagano, with the aim of bringing the public to discover the castles of our region, which boasts one of the largest fortification agglomerations in Europe, with about 200 sites and 98 watchtowers located along the coast.

An immense and very long-lived heritage made up of living historical testimonies, which over the centuries have fulfilled the roles of fortresses, post-hunting refreshment places, noble residences and stately homes. Secular architectures that tell, to those who can read the words of stone and listen to the voice of the ancient walls, the moments of peace and war of the territories in which they arose, and which today can concretely play the role of promoters of Campania. There Photo exhibition made by Giuseppe Ottaiano is the result of a long, constant and passionate work, totally self-financed and supported by the team ofSEMA Communication Agency. A creative and visionary mind like that of Ottaiano could not fail to immediately empathize with the inspired thought and artistic work of Gustavo Deluganwho dedicated an entire installation to the emperor Frederick II, an enlightened and open mind, “Stupor Mundi” made of wood, a material he loves as it is “alive”. In fact, Delugan “reads” the shape it hides in the grain of the wood, reveals it by bringing it to light with its refined art and gives it, when the work requires it, the color that makes it unique. Gustavo Delugan tells the story of the Sovereign of the Kingdom of Sicily through the figure of him, the symbols that accompanied him and his affections, his mother Costanza d’Altavilla and his nephew Corradino, also linked to our land. Federico II and the Castles of Campania, of which there has been so much talk, are they still able to amaze us? This double event wants to show us just that, in the unprecedented meeting of the “lord of the castles” par excellence and of the manors he loved. It is the point of view, in fact, that makes the difference: looking, observing, reflecting and imagining to meet history and its protagonists, to re-educate ourselves to love and respect a land made great by beauty and culture.

The Vernissage will be held on 7 September 2022 at 18:00, in the presence and with the interventions of the artist Gustavo Delugan, of the traveler Giuseppe Ottaiano, of Luigi Raia, director of A.RE.TUR., Of Mino Iorio, historian of the Art, by Father Gianpaolo Pagano, Prior of the Sanctuary, by Maddalena Venuso, journalist. The guide will also be presented “Campania, castles like museums”, Created by Terre di Campania APS.


The initiative is supported by Confetti Maxtris, Campus Principe di Napoli, Azienda Vitivinicola Mosca and Cromia Stampa Tessuti.

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The double exhibition will be open until 22 September.

The opening calendar is available on

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