Presented the film “Madame Luna”. Espinosa: “In Calabria the new Neorealism”

Presented the film “Madame Luna”. Espinosa: “In Calabria the new Neorealism”
Presented the film “Madame Luna”. Espinosa: “In Calabria the new Neorealism”
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A new international film shot in Calabria: presented, during a press conference, “Madame Luna”, a feature film directed by Daniel Espinosa (director, among other things, of “Safe House – Nobody is safe”, with Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds, “Life” and “Morbius”, the latest spin-off of Spiderman with Jared Leto), whose filming has been underway for a few days in Lamezia Terme.

In addition to the director, the press conference, hosted at the Municipality of Lamezia, was attended by: Anton Giulio Grande, Extraordinary Commissioner of the Calabria Film Commission Foundation, which supports the production; Paolo Mascaro, mayor of Lamezia Terme; Giorgia Gargano, councilor for culture of Lamezia Terme; Marco Alessi, producer Dugong Films; David Herdies, Momento Film producer; and the actresses Meninet Abraha Teferi, Claudia Potenza and Hilyam Weldemichael.

Based on real events, “Madame Luna” tells the story of a young Eritrean woman who, after living for years in Libya becoming a human trafficker, is forced to flee and embark on a journey of hope, disembarking as a refugee in Italy, where he will find himself coming to terms with his past.

“It is a beautiful page that Calabria is experiencing – said the Extraordinary Commissioner of the Calabria Film Commission, Anton Giulio Grande – This is an important film, an authorial film, of great prestige, shot by a very young director who already has backed by 20 years of career, he has worked with great and very important celebrities, such as Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington. This press conference marks a fundamental point for a beautiful page that Lamezia deserves. These images shot in Lamezia will be seen in cinemas all over the world, because surely this film, like all those that Daniel Espinosa made, will be seen in important international festivals ”.

“I am very happy to be here with you today – said the director – Making a film like this, on such a topical and important issue, is very difficult. This is why I feel very proud to make a film on migration right here and to have had the support of the Calabria Film Commission. It is a unique experience and the support that I have found here, with the locations, with the people, is truly incredible, I am truly grateful. Somehow I think this is the most important film I’ve ever made, I feel I’m returning to the language of cinema that I love, the one that belongs to me the most. I hope I’ll make a good film that you too can be proud of ”.


“This is the region – he continued – where a new cinematographic tradition has been consolidated, a trend that can be defined as new neorealism: I am thinking, for example, of Jonas Carpignano’s films, a Source of great inspiration. We have a great team: the director of photography Juan Sermiento has already had several films at the Cannes film festival, the sets are handled by Brigitte Broch who has already won two Oscars ”. A large working group that also includes Maurizio Braucci (author of films such as “Gomorra”, “Black Souls” and “Martin Eden”), who wrote the screenplay in collaboration with Suha Arra, while the costumes are curated by Nicoletta Taranta, who has worked alongside directors such as Jonas Carpignano and Michele Placido.

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“We are extremely happy to have started shooting here in Lamezia Terme. We are very supported by the Municipality and the Calabria Film Commission – underlined the producer Marco Alessi (Dugong Films) – We are happy with how the territory is responding, both in terms of professional and working figures, and of real locations. This is a particularly unexplored territory for Italian and international cinema and perhaps this is why director Daniel Espinosa was so attracted to these places ”.

“Madame Luna” is a co-production between Sweden and Italy, produced by Momento Film and Dugong Films, with the support of the Calabria Film Commission Foundation, the Sicily Region – Sicilia Film Commission, the contribution of the Mic, the Swedish Film Institute, and with the sponsored by the Municipality of Lamezia Terme.

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