from five in mathematics to five in Latin –

from five in mathematics to five in Latin –
from five in mathematics to five in Latin –
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He wrote the history of journalism and television, but he wasn’t a nerd at school

“Creativity is above all the ability to continually ask questions” said Piero Angela, the great journalist and science popularizer who died on August 13 at the age of 93. Some might add that creativity is intelligence. Piero Angelo was able to demonstrate this, even if in high school he had few answers. His report cards have been dusted off from the State Archives. A discovery that turns into a sigh of relief for all students who have difficulties in any subject. As announced by “La Repubblica”, Piero Angela’s report cards were not what one might expect: “five” in mathematics, “five” in military culture and “five” in Latin. However, it seems that Angela managed to recover military and mathematical culture that year. While Latin …

Angela’s studies and that “five” in conduct

The greatness of Piero Angela has always been represented by the ability to make something very difficult easy, such as scientific discoveries. He was a master in creating that method which, passing through television, managed to nourish the culture of many spectators. Many, after the news of his death, wrote that they always wanted a teacher like Piero Angela. Perhaps the journalist too would have liked to hear clearer and more stimulating lessons during his school career. Originally from Turin, he mostly attended D’Azeglio, although he had to move to the Alfieri high school for two years due to the war. He never failed, but he was postponed. In the penultimate year, when he attended II B, he had to fix Italian, Latin, mathematics, physics and science. In the year of high school, however, he was postponed with three subjects, which he recovered in the autumn session. However, he was not the only one. The same fate befell 13 classmates out of 29. Piero Angela’s class must have been a very united class because the register states that the students were “arbitrarily absent on the 21st”. On his report card in the first quarter we read a “five” in conduct, very well recovered in the last period with an “eight”. He later enrolled at the Polytechnic of Turin, but left his studies after obtaining a place in Rai. We know the rest of the story. The discovery of Piero Angela’s report card sends a message to teachers and students and seems to suggest a truth which is still too little believed. That is, it is not worth the vote, but the person.

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